How many of you pre-ordered RTX 2080 or 2080Ti?


What would you go for for best overclocking ?


LOLOLOLOL !! DICE to Dial Back Ray-tracing Eye-candy in Battlefield V to Favor Performance.

In the end, looks like even top notch pro developers like Dice thinks that this ray-tracing hype is just a waste of computing power :joy:


Marco, if you have spare money to spend, don’t worry too much, any pre-built water cooled card will do great, MSI makes excellent water block cards (Sea Hawk) , I have their older 1080 Sea Hawk and it is overclocked automatically when games run, and the card never go over 59 degrees celsius temp at 1999Mhz , but any pre-built water cooled card is good, Aorus makes one too, but most brands are good.

Just remember to get an adequate one for your computer case, some cards like the 2080Ti Sea Hawk have a big double fan radiator, so you will need to have two free 12cm computer fan slots to use or replace with the card’s fans…otherwise look for models with only a single 12 cm radiator, both versions cool the video card well enough…

And last but not least, don’t forget to be sure of having an high quality 750W or higher power supply, avoid less than Gold certified ones and never go cheap about this aspect, as having a stable and well powered high-end video card and system is the MOST important thing in high-specs Pc’s.


Dice is reusing there old engine, ( again and again and …) they don’t even manage to upgrade to DX12… and they have just been doing it a few month now… so what does that Tell us?
Have a look at enlisted
4K 100FPS RTX On
Ok graphics are simpler but it looks great.


I want Hybrid cards in my next build too. The possibility of having more than one in a case needs liquid cooling so that’s a smart start. Will also use multi-gpu for rendering work.


there is water cooling system already for gtx 2080 ti , cost ~180 euro


I am working on a build that will essentially be a wall mounted- I am using PCI extension ribbons and will shoot to get the radiators away from each other. I plan to use a CPU AIO as well. I will do some overclocking, but for me the big thing will be ease of maintenance/cleaning and cooling that will fluctuate less in the summer.

I think when you look at the added cost of the AIO’s vs a ground-up custom loop with reservoir/s, the custom approach seems to make the most sense when you build a really high performance loop. Trying to build something small and economical doesn’t seem to warrant the extra costs vs the added management. If you spend an extra $250-300 on AIO’s you are pretty much good for the life of the GPU and CPU barring any accidents. On the other hand, you can go in $750 on a really robust custom outfit with spares for failures and that will offer greater OC options plus it will serve you over a couple of rebuilds- given some added costs for things like new GPU plates.


@SweViver I see no other choice but a 2080Ti. I should see substantial improvement over my 1070.

Now a request. When you have yours and you do IL-2 testing could you set in-game to:

High graphics, if possible. At least Balanced.
A multiple plane encounter, not just a single aircraft.
High level flight as well as low level.
To get a view of the full instrument panel, use the number pad, decimal point (default)

Also, I assume the in-game graphics settings affect the VR experience, can you give us examples of maybe shadows, gamma, sharpening, etc…

I know, I don’t expect much do I? Oh, and can you have this done within 1 hour of receiving the card? :grin:


Gotta wait till there is a water blocked version for my geothermal cooled dual PC setup. Running a Zotac and a Gigabyte now.


October 5 :frowning:


I know. Im so sick of this waiting now :frowning:


I actually began to tag you and ask but then I googled it and saw that it was officially delayed.
And you had planned your days off I suppose.
Well, next friday it is! 3 hour youtube vid on saturday morning, right? :wink:


I ordered an msi RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO

I hope I did the right thing and that it will not get obsolete right away


Nice choice Marco, going to get the same card. I hate fan noise so MSI pretty much always is the best choice.


Take some VR pills. :wink:
Take the red one to stay inside matrix.


I hope it will give us that little more to enjoy the 8k or 5k+ a little better compared to the 1080 ti


I am not sure what to get - could stick with the ASUS STRIX oc series for a 2080TI great performance and noise level for me I had the 580 and 1080 cards from them.
The OC results are also interesting and it seems besides the power limit these cards have head room left


am a little freaked out by some of the real world benches i have seen so holding off till i see more before going 20 series.


I’m coming from a 980ti, I need to update this generation otherwise I’d have skipped it.

I ordered an Asus 2080ti but Webhallen which I ordered from just removed the 50+ incomming cards text from their site and now I don’t know when it will arrive but some people did get them last week.


Just a heads up, Amazon now has the ASUS up for pre-order:

I wanted to go for the MSI but still can’t find any stock or pre-order so I just went ahead and pre-ordered the ASUS which seems like a very decent card too