How many of you pre-ordered RTX 2080 or 2080Ti?


Interesting :slight_smile:


Marco guarda qui


Marco is not in the forum anymore.


And this is only the tip of the iceberg…these manipulation techniques have been perfected and now the tech is used for that purpose, and more sinister reasons, almost daily…


Yep by his own choosing. In spite of me telling him to ignore posts thst don’t affect him & that he will want to be here when he receives his headset.

It’s too bad but his loss.


I think up to now only the MSI has officially 1750mhz Asus went to 1650mhz. I wonder who has the more solid power design, especially after the latest bad news.
Damn I want one just not convinced yet.


Well I’ve just cancelled my Asus pre-order. Amazon still hadn’t updated me on a shipping date and I just saw that B&H now has the EVGA in stock, as we speak:

Ready to ship tomorrow! So I just bought that one. Couldn’t find any benchmarks, so taking a bit of a gamble here, but supposedly the design is quiet and cool.


Awesome congrats:smiley:


What happened? 202020


I went for the - burn my money damn it :sob: ! Bad thing is, it is not deliverable a.t.m. - it had a date of 29.11 which past and went to unknown :frowning: