How Pimax shipping work?


I hoped that those terrible times of long delivery were long gone, about which I read a lot on the forum at the beginning of the year.

Now I ordered Pimax 8K on August 21, but since then (2 weeks already) the order status has not changed, no e-mail messages. I sent a request to the addresses '’ and '’, but also did not receive a response. Maybe someone from insiders will be able to clarify the situation.

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What is your order number? I can help you to confirm the order status. Thanks.


To @Matthew.Xu
Thank you so much. My order number is P125523


Hi @Dim.MaX.VR
I will confirm it with the team, and I will reply to you later. Thank you very much.


Hi @Dim.MaX.VR,

I will submit the application for delivery for you today.

But the compatible adapter of your country is currently out of stock, and we are gearing up production to meet the market needs.

However, the Hongkong overseas warehouse now has the 8K compatible with other countries. We can send the compatible power adapter for you separately. It will take about a week. Can you accept it?

Looking forward to you reply.


Dear Friend, @Matthew.Xu You are the Best!

I am an ardent fan of Pimax and have been waiting for my Pimax 8k for two and a half years.
All this time I use Pimax 4k and am very pleased.
Thank you very much, of course I agree to separate delivery of components.
If only I could already get my Pimax 8k as quickly as possible.

P. S. Additionally: Can you tell me how the customs clearance takes place
and whether I still have to pay a certain amount at customs.

P. P. S. I hope for a long cooperation.
I have big plans for additional purchases of your products - I intend to buy
everything that will appear in your store in the future (controllers, Pimax 8KX, optional equipment etc.)


Dear @Dim.MaX.VR,

I hope you are doing well.

I will arrange to send you a Pimax 8K in these two days. I am sorry for the compatible adapter with other countries, at the same time I will send you a power adapter for Israel separately.
When the goods are delivered, I will send you the tracking number by mail.

I know there may be some tariffs from Hong Kong to Israel. I’m sorry I can’t afford it for you.
However, For this I apologize, I will send you a gift card that will never expire for $50.

I sincerely thank you for your support. If you have any questions in the future, please feel free to email me. Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


Thanks a lot @Matthew.Xu .
September 25th I received a HMD.
Now I’m waiting for the European power supply.


Sorry for a long time.
And here is the tracking number for EU power: LO155086030CN.
Thank you.

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