How to contribute to the closed beta


Hi Community,

The testers and the team have together tested several hundreds of games for you. Even though the testers got their own busy schedule, they contribute as much effort as they could, especially lord @SweViver, who allocates all his free time to the testing. Thanks to the input by the testers, we made huge progress recently.

The only prioirity now is to deliver a better headset to your door asap.

The project is challenging in an industrial level. VR headset is never the only ingredient of the whole VR experience. For those who are willing to contribute to the closed beta:

Tell us what games you spend most of your time with:

and your hardware specs via the poll initiated by @Heliosurge:

Thanks to all the enthusiasts that already participated in contributing the data! It helps the testers and the team to explore the recipes to utilize the potential of Pimax 5K and 8K.

When the closed beta ends and embargo lifted, we will make you comprehensive product reports, and email the reports to all of you via the Kickstarter system.

What happened to the Forum? And when will we get a Kickstarter update?
[Updated1016]Pimax 8K progress update
Does “about to ship” mean about to ship?

Thank you very much for tester’s effort.
@xunshu When are you thinking the beta test end?


Thank you for the update! I look forward to getting my “better headset” asap.


Lol @ Lord Sweviver.


Praise be to our lord and saviour Sweviver!

In all seriousness though, big thanks go to everyone making this possible!

Shame this update doesn’t really tell us anything new but still, always nice to hear at least this :slight_smile:


Lord sweviver looooool


@xunshu hurry up please with that damn headset…


Just please give us a ball park on the closed beta. Are we talking this month, this quarter, this year, this decade? Please give us some expectation so we can all take a breath.


All they will tell us is that “They will start shipping when the closed beta end” but I don’t think this is good especially towards those who helped you raise 4 million for your product and gave you l hope so maybe you should give them a bit of hope just by giving them a time frame e.g the beta should be ending in 1 month but if any unexpected issues occur will update you guys straight away.


Unfortunately, Pimax is screwed, no matter what they report…

This announcement: not enough details

(these are hypothetical…)
We’ve started shipping today: Wait! Don’t ship until it’s really ready.
Shipping is delayed from recently announced date: You lied! You suck! You’ll never ship and you stole our moneys!11!!
Etc. There is no limit to internet rage.

Unfortunately, it’s not surprising why Pimax isn’t announcing details. :frowning:


Shut it ! I wonder how old you are .


Personally, I cut @allocen some slack. This was a mild post, all things considered.

As mentioned in a different forum thread, he has medical issues and is in near-constant pain. That’s enough to make anyone bitter and angry. He uses VR to distract himself; no wonder he’s impatient.


Is this meant to be the monthly update communication from Pimax? If so its highly disappointing that there’s no actual news or progress reported. Do we really have to wait yet another whole month to hear anything more from Pimax about the 8K?


As long as he doesn’t start cursing and or start doing personal attacks, I don’t have a problem with anyone.
You can be annoying, just don’t be offensive.


…although even if suffering from that kind of night-marish condition doesn‘t mean that you should be allowed to treat other people indecently… but I know what you mean, and anybody having been in pain (earlier this week I had some nasty nerve radiating its inflamation through a tooth or two - distinctly unpleasent) will know how that can influence one‘s behaviour to the worse…


That’s good to hear, nobody should be living in a constant state of pain.


[quote=“allocen, post:14, topic:7173, full:true”]Finally some HOPE, after years of pain and struggle, i think i finally might be able to have a social life once this nightmare is over.

So much to be done, driving license, getting a new gf (previously pretty much dumped me because of my health issues…), gonna travel around the world finally…[/quote]
I’m glad to hear that things are looking up (at least a little). Just take one day at a time and try to enjoy any little positive thing. Being ill really sucks.


True, but sometimes it can be hard to resist the urge to lash out, even at the ones you love.

I have an auto-immune issue (currently under control). In particular, it can trigger searing eye pain. The best I can describe it is like having lemon juice poured into your eye, hour after hour, day after day. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

You start to think of doing irrational things, like ending it all or removing your eye with a spoon (seriously). I finally found the right doctor, who knew how to treat nerve pain (which doesn’t respond to common pain killers).


Unfortunately, the best way to learn sympathy is to experience similar situations. I’m glad you have found some hope and I wish you success in your quest for treatment.

I still have eye pain and/or headaches most days, but it’s generally mild, unless I have a flare up. It’s something I can live with.


So it is you skulking around here! I thought that was the case, but the AI disorder was the clincher.

I can understand and even empathize with allocen’s plight - you know my situation (car accident, rebuilt with spare parts, permanent spinal nerve damage/pain) BUT I cannot excuse or condone poor behavior and unprovable allegations and defamation. Pimax is neither the causation nor the cure to what ails him, and as such are undeserving of the vitriol being spewed forth at them constantly.

That being said, @allocen - Best of luck to you in finally finding the cause (and hopefuly the cure) to your current health issue. May it provide you the peace that you have been sorely lacking for quite some time.

@neal_white_iii - FYI, I finally am getting the remote for my pump properly programmed so I can “dial in” the medication level on those breakthrough days. Will be happening next week, and I am actually excited at being able to control my own pain without being a zombie from all of this. Hope things improve for you as well - will keep you posted.