How to detach the plastic mask? I want to detach the cable (noise problem)



I am thinking that my monitor use much power too, it is 29" ultrawide.

I notice that when I use different power socket, it effect to tracking too.

edit : not success although I remove the monitor from gpu.
May wait next week to get the adapter from old headset.



Yeah, a little different from VIVE linkbox.
You could look for the adapter by yourself as below:
DC plug size: 3.5X1.35X9.5mm
Type:Tuning fork card ditch

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size is correct? Has sample on aliexpress? thank.

okay see it now


Already order on online shopping, will test and feedback soon.


@park @Sean.Huang

Already test, this can’t solve the issue (little better), I notice that it is only 50/60Hz 0.7A while other is higher. So I will test the old cable and power adapter of old headset next week.


Noise filters can help you.

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu

Random flashing pixel in Pimax 5K
Came back from the Toronto meetup

Hmm , how to add that?


Agreed can you add instructions & links to purchase?

Added Dallas & Matthew to your post. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


It’s easy to buy in the online market.


Thanks Park for the awesome tip & link. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


The cable is detatchable You can pull out the cable.
Cause i have done this before with 5K Plus


How much size 3.5 or 5 mm?
This need to ship from oversea, may use more time to get, but still interesting to test.


Dallas the pic he has posted is to show the Emi RF filter. These clip on filters reduce potential interference that may cause the flickering dots some have posted.

Having these pre installed on the headset cable may reduce rma as a result as many will not know this tip that @park has posted.


@Alan.sun The adapter help headset fix the white dot issue.


It is very easy to buy in Korea. You will be able to buy it easily in your country.
The problem isn’t completely solved, but it’s very hard to find the white spot.
it’s 7mm.


Thank you.

I think this issue make me more feel dizzy too.
Already buy it from shopping online, ship from overseas.


In Korea, this issue has been improved because one person has changed the power adapter, and one person has added the ferrite core. I hope that the pimax will resolve this issue quickly.


power adapter replacement,
ferrite core Install…
Is the noise from the “power adapter” flowing into the DP cable?


Just get the old headset back (but the new replacement still be with friend company at the meet up).

I try to use the new adapter which I have bought last time and no problem, may it is about cable.


When I first received my 5K+ headset, the noise was fairly pronounced. Re-seating the HMD connector reduced the noise but it is still present.

When first powering up the HMD, the noise is not present, but appears as components ‘warm up’. I’ve read of others experiencing a similar phenomena. Does this point to the headset itself being the culprit?