How to get full clarity & sharpness in SteamVR Dashboard (overlay) on low-end GPUs with Pimax



Hmm, I assume you have a 2080 or 2080Ti?
To me, it sounds like you are using a much higher PiTool render quality value (maybe 1.5 or higher) which renders a much higher resolution before it even reaches SteamVR. Therefore, to maintain the optimal framerate, SteamVR benchmark upon startup, sets the SuperSampling much lower to “compensate”. Try using PiTool render quality at 1.0, restart SteamVR, and see if the render target scale automatically goes up in SteamVR?


Yes, I have 2080Ti.

I’ll have a look at it tonight, I didn’t think I had the pitool at anything more than 1, but it might be higher on the default profile. My steam overly looks pretty nice anyway so I shouldn’t really be too concerned!


Yeah if the GPU values are above 1000 then the overlay should look good and sharp. However, Ive noticed that if the generated average GPU number “gpuSpeedHorsepower” is beyond 1500 it looks slightly sharper even.


You were correct, my common render target was 2.0! hadn’t even noticed.

Anyway, steam has moved the render target up to 1.0.

Time for some NMS.