How to play Dirt Rally on Pimax 4K?


It’s a shame they can’t use the cinematic mod to base the VR version on


Yeah, Half Life 2 Update does work though. It doesn’t look as good as the cinematic mod but still.


Cinematic mod looks glorious in 3D though (Tridef or Vorpx), not sure wether to stick with that or to try the actual VR mod


How is the tracking in vorpx? Proper 3d? hl2 update has its problems. It is very much vr, well done, good controls, but a few performance problems on my pc. I guess vorpx cant do the deadzone seperate arm/head movement like hl2 vr though.
I will try vorpx tonight, just got my copy. Any other games you recommend with it?


Geometry 3D, it’s on par with proper VR apps, the tracking is good also, though i play in cinema mode, as always i’m really into the 3D aspect but not too fussed about headtracking when it comes to playing non Vr games, No it cant do the seperate arm/head movement.

The only games i can reccomend are ones that work with Geometry 3D, otherwise to me it’s null and void. Theres a good 60+ games that do, if one games shares an engine with another chances are they will both work, everything source engine based has Geometry 3D


I bought it already, and yeah I pretty much agree. Bioshock has been worth it though. I would say that Cinematic Mod + vorpx is probably better than HL2 VR, but I haven’t tried it yet. Just based on the other games I have tried, and having played CM before.


It is great, as you have incredible 3D combined with incredible aesthetics


I get shocking performance in half life 2, with or without the cinematic mod. Same with Black Mesa, and yet Portal 2 and Episode 1 are perfect. Any ideas?


Have you tried running them without Vorpx, sounds like an odd problem, normally when i’m faced with a problem like that i try the old IT crowd solution,

Based on that, you probably know better than me. As for my setup Half Life 2 Cinematic Mod with geometry mode isn’t exactly stellar performance, but it just about suffices with an average frame rate of 35-50


Ah, it is probably about the same then. I find the drops too jarring. And because of that id say HL2 Update in VR is the better version, for me. Have you tried Episode 1? With tweaking it is a constant 60fps, same for you?

I have heard some games have problems with OCs. Ill go back to defaults and try again.

Defaults give me a much smoother experience, on lower clock speeds. Problem probably solved. Not much judder, meaning lower fps is more bareable.


I have my CPU and GFX overclocked…You mean some source games have problems with OC’s? I’ve never heard that one before, i just thought it was the high demand of Geometry mode combined with the Cinematic Mod


Easy way to compare goto Library\Tools\source engine benchmark?

Run with & without OC & compare results


Is that Max headroom?


Yeah, can’t be sure if it was the OC or not, but maybe was just because I had an unstable OC. I read on vorpx forums that OCs can be an issue. Guess it depends on how good it is.


You got it right lol.

The TV show was pretty cool.

Good old Matt Frewer.


Just tried mine on default CPU clock speeds, and cannot observe any visible difference.

At the moment though, i’m still having a problem with anything running on Steam VR i still occasionally get the right eye blinking black, even with Steam supersampling set to 1.0…


Does Raceroom work in VR? Or is used with Vorpx ?


Raceroom works in vr but if mem serves might need to use launch options -vr

I know it doesn’t like steam controller tho by default. Needs configuting but think Xinput controllers are okay and does say it has some wheel support.

Dirt does it need revive?


OK. I’ll try that.
It does work with my XBox360 controller but I can’t steer for nuts Lucky the car is built like a tank :slight_smile:


Yep! Works great, but how do you play these types of games without a steering wheel setup.
The XBox360 is ok but I’m all over the place with it.

Head tracking is fine but gyro drift is a bit high. I end up facing the back wall.
Must be a way to assign a recenter.button?