How to play Dirt Rally on Pimax 4K?


It does, but needs the revive patch, not through the steamvr revive menu.


Funny, I don’t use revive with it?
Could it be because I’m using 1.2.85?


Do you run it through Piplay?


Yeah it takes a bit to get used. To steering woth amalog stick.

@jonnypanic is refering to my question re dirt rally


No. Through Steam and Steam VR.


That’s weird then, maybe the game finally got its vive update.


Hello fellow members!
Can somebody run Dirt Rally on the latest Piplay and SteamVR with Pimax4K?
Because i can’t manage the real VR experience…
I downloaded the revive, installed it, patched the drt.exe, started it, the steam warned me “blahblah”, and only an projected window appeared with 10-20 fps, and a mirrored one on my normal display with lots of fps.
I am using the latest steamvr, and the piplay
Please help me! :slight_smile:


@jonnypanic i believe has had it working.


Sounds like you have to disable Steam Desktop Theatre.


I did it, the result only changed to the usual white lined dome. There’s no 360 VR… :frowning:


Ahhh… so are you in the grey dome, with a polaroid style menu in front of you?
If so the problem, I think, is with Revive. Check the site for old versions that work with Dirt Rally. If memory serves me correctly, I think the 1.2+ ones did work.

Edit: I just tried 1.4.2, latest version, and it works for me.


Ohh, thanks, i will try it.


No luck, same story. Only the grey dome with lines.
Do i have to see the menu in VR, or it will begin only when the driving starts?
And i have to have installed the Oculus driver/app?


Yes, you need to have Oculus software installed. If it haven’t installed it yet, that will be your problem.

When the game starts you are inside the grey dome, then after a few seconds a flat menu pops up inside the dome. All the menus are flat. When you start a race it switches to the driver view.


Yiiihaa, finally it works!
There was something sw issue with the Oculus software. I’ve totally uninstalled and removed all the traces of it from the HDD, made a clean reinstall, then did the same with the Revive, and there was the happy finish!
But unfortunately i’ve realized, that the rally driving is a totally different thing than the driving on the racetrack. :slight_smile:
I need a lot of practice.
Anyhow, thanks everyone for the suggestions and advices.


Awesome will have to revisit this lol