How to play with Doom VR?


I am a newbie here and finally my new pimax 4k seems to work good.
Now I’ve the headset only, what do I need to play doom? What have I to buy now?


Not sure with steamvr having controller remaps.

But for DoomVR you would need motion controllers of sorts. Be it NoloVR (most don’t rec). Or using Vive Wands with Lighthouses

Another Option is a program called Driver4vr (google/youtube) which will help using Xbox Kinnect &/or Psmove.

Otherwise any game that supports keyboard/mouse or gamepad.

Hellblade for example supports gamepad
Vox machinae & more.


Which Doom game do you want to play? Doom 3 BFG with the mod supports motion controllers, but does not require it. You can play that with your 4K and keyboard/mouse or gamepad. Doom VFR requires motion controllers.

Like Helio above said, any game that does not require motion controllers will be playable with the 4K, other games you’ll need to have a Nolo kit, PSMove wands or other motion controller solutions.


Nolo on ceiling for 360 movements or deal with PSMove 3+ camera setups.

Vive Tracker/Wands/Basestations has been the best method so far.

It may seem pricey but it’s worth becomes evident when tracking is 90% while the former can not reach even 75%.


ok, many thanks guys!