How to run DIRT RALLY on PIMAX 4K?


how to run DIRT RALLY on PIMAX 4K?


@jonnypanic i beleive has good experience on this. It involves using Revive.


Basically, install revive. Patch the game.
Disable Steam Theatre. May have to type -vr in Steam commandline options, not sure.


DiRT Rally is great with the the Pimax though you may need to drop the graphics setting right down to make it smooth - it still looks way better than the Rift though.

Just install Revive, patch DiRT Rally (drt.exe) and turn off Steam Theatre in the games properties in Steam. No need for the -vr. Then just ignore any message about not supporting VR when you start it.



Yeah, stunning game, probably the best VR game out. I actually think it looks better with Ultra low shaders and shadows, but maybe that is just me.