How to? YouTube 3D and local 3D videos on Pimax 4K


How to? YouTube 3D and local 3D videos on Pimax 4K

There are two methods:
(A.) Virtual Desktop (Pimax/direct mode)
(B.) Without special software (extended mode)

(A.) Virtual Desktop (Pimax/direct mode) for watching YouTube 3D videos (3D side by side).

  1. Start Virtual Desktop in SteamVR mode
  2. Open your browser
  3. Open
  4. Look for 3D SBS VIDEO
  5. Play the video in fullscreen
  6. Press F7 on your keyboard to activate 3D view (half-sbs videos) or F6 (full-sbs videos)
  7. Enjoy 3D videos without SDE, almost :slight_smile:

(B.) Without special software (extended mode) for watching YouTube 3D videos (3D side by side).

  1. Open your browser
  2. Open
  3. Look for 3D SBS VIDEO
  4. Play the video and move your browser window from your primary display to your secondary display Pimax 4K.
  5. Activate fullscreen
  6. YouTube is runing on Pimax 4K
  7. Enjoy 3D videos without SDE, almost :slight_smile:

Both methods work with your local 3D SBS movies + local movie player as well :wink:
Alternatively, you should have a look on SIMPLE VIDEO PLAYER at Steam which supports all types of local VR videos (2D/3D/180/360). That’s my recommendation for watching full movies. There is also a super enhancement mode for sharper image.

Have fun and do not forget to return to reality :wink:


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Big screen is the best since it is completely free! It is very similar to a virtual desktop with many many option to chose from. All other programs you mentioned about cost extra money. The only problem I have with it is that it displays screen on both; monitor and UHD what decrease performance a lot! I have to figure out how to turn off monitor while using my UHD in a game mode.





Hello Arturo,
I saw your comment and guide to VR video watching with Pimax.
I am able to watch all 3D SBS videos but obviously it doesnt work for 360 videos,
You have mentioned the program SIMPLE VIDEO PLAYER,
does it works fine with Pimax 4K and how is the position tracking?
on Pimax software (Piplay) we can watch their own videos when we download but if i try to watch one own video it is not allowed, do you know how to fix it?
Thanks a lot for your time and hopefully can help me.


Hello Tony,

you need a special player for 360 playback like SIMPLE VR VIDEO PLAYER which plays all types of VR videos (2D/3D/180/360). I use this player + head tracking and it works fantastic :slight_smile: There is also an enhancement mode for even better image quality.


Hello Arturo,
Thanks for your reply and tip, i tried and SIMPLE VR VIDEO PLAYER works just perfectly!.


There’s no direct button that lets you download 4K video from YouTube, but when using a video downloader video downloading becomes easier. It’ll provide you with download button on YouTube so you can directly.


You can also pause the video in your browser to preload the stream then play + fullscreen. Downloading is also possible but it needs a lot of time in 4K. I prefer to stream YouTube 2.5K 1440p.


Hello again, I do have one more question if any have experienced the same:
When i installed originally Piplay I had access to their library, a couple of games, video and pictures in 360, good material to show off.
But for some reason after going to the process to install SteamVR if i go back to that library i get only a “coming soon” all the time.
I have uninstalled Steam and even re installed Piplay since zero ground but i can’t get it working anymore.
Is there a tip to get it back?
Thank you


Hi there,

I haven’t experienced your issue. But I prefer to download Oculus games from:
For 360 picture playback I prefer to use Virtual Desktop and for 360 video playback Simple VR Video Player. Both apps work flawless on my Pimax 4K.



Are there any FREE vr players?

Please stop advertising those VR players which are not free.


DeoVr player - free and very good.


But you need to buy a game controller or joystick just to use deoVr player. it wont detect mouse cursor.


Give LiveViewRift a go.

It works in extended mode with mouse support.


Then sell the helmet. You don’t want to pay, you don’t want to buy a joystick, you just don’t need VR.


Which version to download?


It’s said that YouTube will release 180 VR soon. Is it ok to play 180 VR videos with Pimax 4k? I just download some 360 VR videos with Catchvideo: for offline palyback. If possible, I want to play offline 180 VR videos, as well.