HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



Im on the fence between pulling the trigger on the Reverb now or just wait it out for the Pimax 8KX. My viewing styles are 50/50 between 360 vids and games. Right now I use the Pimax 8k for vids and the 5K+ for games. I was thinking about getting the Reverb for vids and using the 5K+ for games, but since the news on the release of the 8K X now Im on the fence. Anybody else in the same boat??


Your use case for VR seems ideally suited to my idea in my thread. I see why you liked it.


In a nutshell? If what you have can do for now. I’d wait as HP Reverb may come down in price & we may have 8kX reviews coming in potential near future from Beta Test Group.


In any case, you will want to get 8K X when it comes out, if you are satisfied with 8K / 5K + before and did not suffer distortion.

I look at this situation like this.
8K suits me with its field of view, but does not like the level of resolution.
I like HP Reverb because it has the highest resolution, better than the Pimax 4K (when does anyone already compare it with the P4K ? :roll_eyes: ).

And I also thought that it would be possible to have 8K for most game swith wide FOV, and additionally buy Reverb for “video + simulators”.

But, there is such a thing that 8K X will combine in itself both 8K and HP Reverb.
Therefore, at the moment I made conclusions for myself that you should not waste your time on the narrow HP Reverb FOV, because you still have to receive 8K X during the year, which will be the best headset :wink: :+1:

(And in general, I’m used to a wide FOV, it will be hard for me to switch to narrow FOV again.)

I also wonder if I can use my 8K for exchanging / upgrading to 8KX or to new panels this year.

If I can’t, then I would probably take HP Reverb now and sell 8K, setting the stage for the purchase of 8K X. And with the release of 8K X then HP Reveb too I would sell.

(But in general, this is a slightly more complicated way :sunglasses: )


I’m very tempted to get the Reverb.
Here is a guy who ownes a p4k and say the reverb more clear :slight_smile:


Yes, after all, the Pimax 4K has 800 PPI versus 1057 PPI with HP Reverb.
I definitely expected more clarity from HP Reverb than P4K.
It also has a native resolution, unlike P4K.

But, the clarity of P4K is still good enough not to notice SDE and enjoy.
Therefore, even such a level of pixel density of panels on 8K X will be quite successful, in my opinion :+1: And in combination with wide FOV it will be a headset-bomb :boom:

( And at the moment I am most concerned about how we can get 8KX with the least financial losses from the upgrade from the current 8K / 5K +… :roll_eyes:

And if it really is very disadvantageous compared to purchasing HP Reverb for $ 600, then it may be better to take HP Reverb for high resolution in simulators and video, and use 8K / 5K + for everything else.

But if this amount is equivalent or less to getting 8K X (with a sale / exchange / upgrade 8К / 5К +), then I will choose 8КX.)


That’s a significant upgrade from the p4k about in 20% pixeldensity and no ghosting problems. But yeah if the 8kx is on par with the 4k it will be a succes. I hope it won’t be around 1500 usd, far to much after investing in the 8k, i will buy a reverb then.
@SweViver will get an HP Reverb next week and hopefully an 8kx with a pricepoint. So there will be usefull info what too buy soon :).


Since sweviver is now an official pimax employee I don’t expect him to advise to buy a competing hmd instead of the pimax. That would be just weird


Yeah, he is no longer biased … , i can no longer trust his opinions anymore.


well he already bought the reverb and emphasized that on his own channel will just give an honest opinion about every headset. I trust it more then sebastian who is hyping every headset exept for the 8k :slight_smile:


I know but he can’t go and tell people that it’s better than the pimax. Like going to an apple store and have employees tell you that Samsung is better. That employee wouldn’t last long


i understand your point, but when signing his contract he talked it trough and got it on paper he is free to say whatever he want on his own youtube channel that was a crucial point for him, i trust that is the case.


Sorry, but I don’t understand a bit, maybe I missed something: why are we discussing SweViver here?

It seems that it was a question of choosing between HP Reverb now and 8KX later, if I’m not mistaken :beers:

But for that matter, I can only say that so far that SweViver has always been objective, and I hope that it will remain so. I think he puts his soul into it and really tries to help everyone for the benefit of the company and customers.

And it’s very good that he is in the Pimax team. With him, she should become better, correct mistakes and so on :wink:


Well it’s just a very delicate balance. Working for a specific brandmark always comes with its compromises when you’re reviewing competing products. If he starts raving about the reverb, like sebas did, and tell people it’s their perfect hmd for sims, then I wouldn’t be happy if I were his pimax employer. I’d be like, wtf did I hire you for. Its very delicate


oke we’ll see what happens, i trust the guy and he values his patreons highly, he was just being thankfull today he could buy the reverb from his patreons money for his channel. Because of this value he will do his best to give the best information, that’s my opinion…


I’m wondering how others use their Pimax for sims.
I have seen the through the lens shots of the Reverb and they look great but I can get really nice image clarity with the 5K+ by setting FOV to small (Still much wider than Reverb) and supersampling and using brainwarp.
I can even have a great experience on ED at running at 72hz and the image clarity is fantastic. (IMO at least) but maybe the latency is not tolerable for other people or they feel they must have even wider FOV (but then reverb is no good for you anyway).
Granted you can only run these settings with seated experiences and need to be impervious to any added latency but for me the experience is great so I would love @MRTV Sebastian to make a comparison between clarity with Pimax settings and the Reverb to get a better idea.
If he said Reverb is still much clearer then I would be wow, and be sold, but otherwise I will keep my Pimax because it is much more future proof than the Reverb IMO as it will benefit from increased future performance in CPU and GPU’s than the Reverb and hopefully will have good controllers and tracking,

MY Elite Dangerous Settings Below for anyone who wants to experiment.
Maybe they are horrible for some people and they can share theirs or maybe they are nice but remember I am looking to get the best playable image quality for my system spec as that is most important to me in seated experience.
Obviously different people have different preferences and opinions.

Spec i5 6600K 4.5Ghz 1080Ti 1900mhz 32GB Ram

Nvidia Control Panel (changes for ED from default)
Antialising mode = enhance the application setting
Antiailising transparency = multisample

Render Quality= 0.75
Panel Brightness = low
Contrast = +3
Brightness = -2
FOV = small
Refresh Rate 72hz
Parallel projections =On
Smart Smoothing = On

Rendering = 170%

Elite Dangerous
graphic settings
Quality =custom
Model draw distance = reduced slider about 10%
Texture Quality =High
Shadow Quality = medium
Bloom = off
Motion Blurr = off
Antialiasing = FXAA
Ambient occlusion = low
Environment quality = ultra
FX quality = medium
Depth of field = off
material quality = ultra
HMD quality = 1.5
Galaxy map quality = low
Terrain quality = high
Terrain LOD blending = high
Terrain work = min (slider furthest left)
Terrain texture quality = high
Terrain sample quality = ultra
Jet cone quality = high
Volumetric effects = high


Well we have more than 1 beta tester remember. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I think you mean Unbiased. But honestly we have other Beta Testers including @yanfeng whom even as a friend of pimax team has demonstrated being unbiased. So honestly I suspect @SweViver will give it an honest review & we know him not to be overly negative while doing so.


But if Pimax didn’t hire him to promote their products, then what exactly did they hire him for?


He might not say it’s overall better; which we know it’s FoV (Reverb) is limited. But there is no harm in speaking the truth on clarity due to higher Resolution & SubPixel density giving the Reverb better clarity.

Weighing attributes between headsets still leaves the consumer to weigh which is more important.

Ie Clarity vs FoV etc…

Apple though is hard to compare employer to employee relations. Though it is usually true Companies often won’t let employees veer off.

I remember a water bottling company would get sticky about employees bringing Pop with their lunch. Which is extreme when Water & Pop are not in the same class.