HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



So, why not sell the headset at a lower price? Many people buy Rift-S because Index is too expensive. A closer price, $100-200 more than Oculus would help. More headsets, more money from Steam. The reason is they can not sell at a lower price today. Non an headset like this

HTC is a whole different story, those who buy Vive will still buy most of their games on Steam, not on Viveport.


Deluxe headstrap with camera mounts to help eliminate oculusion. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Though Walkovr with 2 - 4 sensors might do the trick. Just use LHes to track headset for Rmscale.


Because Valve can capitalize on WMR & Oculus for Software vr sales even though they don’t have steamvr tracking.

Now should they have taken the console marketable loss? Maybe but why bother selling for less if you make money off non Steamvr headsets. You don’t see Valve breaking Trinus support for phones & psvr. Unlike Oculus whom forced VD streaming SteamVR streaming & word is they might remove AlVR support.

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They mayl regret that in time as fewer people will buy them and consequently fewer quest software sales , everyone with a quest will want to use it as mainly standalone sometimes


@SweViver Hi Martin, i’m just curious did you get it better with the Reverb after your initial impressions?


My HP Reverb is a mess. I have tried to get in touch with HP. The unit is either faulty, and if not then I would definitely not go for the Reverb as of now. Just too much of issues, not even including the fact the software IPD doesnt even go above 67 which makes me cross eyed whatever I do… Its more or less unusable for me.

Im holding off with the Reverb videos until I know more from HP.


To enter more than the windows ipd of 67 you can manually enter it here in windows registry , Computer\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3843676822-263132831-482122252-1001\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Holographic click decimal and add your own ipd

If you’re more than about 68 the reverb will not work for you , I can just about put up with the thing with my 67.5 and will sell it as soon as one with adjustable ipd is available


Yeah I know. I tried 69.5, 70 and other values. Just doesn’t feel right…
(I have IPD of 69.5)


@Sweviver Are you talking about reverb IPD settings or Pimax?

Also can you shed some light and give us an pimax 8kx price estimate? :beers:


send it back sweviver they should say that it’s no suitable beyond 68mm


I wonder what it will be like for my 68,5 IPD…


I’m 67.5 and suffering , I can get the full clarity when I look at close stuff like a cockpit or small screen , If I look straight ahead it’s not that much clearer than the pimax 5k+ because I cannot look through the center of the lens , I wouldn’t buy one if I were you


We will see its already ordered and should arrive this week… :slight_smile:


Users with High Ipd found that with P4k due to hardware ipd versus soft ipd. @sjefdeklerk performedva drastic lens replacement mod. The p4k had aspherical lenses. But without his mod he’d get the cross eyed strain effect to some degree.


ah oke thats really dissapointing, lets wait for the 8kx!


If that is correct, then Pimax have the Sword controller design ready TODAY and are already producing these in numbers so they could ship them to at least the majority of backers within 2-4 weeks?

If that is not correct, your statement is misleading. I personally suspect that even the Sword controllers without Sense have not been finalized in their design to date, let alone produced in numbers.

Don‘t dig yourself holes which then trap you later…


What I mean, is that Pimax is not the one delaying lighthouses or controllers on purpose. It would only benefit them to have a full bundle ready, as it would be more attractive to new customers of course. What Im also saying is that there has been many hurdles throughout the journey of getting the Lighthouses done, and it has been more or less caused by factors out of control for Pimax. Luckily things look brighter now.


How about an official update from Pimax about the controllers, lighthouses and accessories?
An approximate time would be desirable for all backers.
you’re a pimax employee right now, right?
how long do we have to wait?


It is really a shame that HP but also Oculus have dispensed with the IPD controller, since the VR glasses are not usable for everyone.
However, it is similarly unbelievable that Pimax has still not provided any lighthouseboxes and controllers for the Kickstarter after more than half a year.
How do we say in Germany: “Who sits in the glass house, should not throw stones!” :wink: