HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



He will be facing the same problem Kevin is - they expect some kind of firm, reliable internal estimates and will have found out by now that Pimax internally effectively is a bunch of engineers who believe they’ll get this or that fixed within a couple of days, weeks, and keep on giving that kind of timelines if asked, only to find out that things become more complex - in part because truly unexpected events occur, like (possibly) a change of plans on Valve’s side with little leverage on Pimax’ side to force Valve to deliver as initially envisaged; and in part because they just don’t seem to do proper project management planning with realistic risk assessments.

I sure wouldn’t want to swap places with them, must be frustrating for the two chaps too…


Jumping in late here - any news on a release date or price?


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It’s dead silent. No more updates, no more news … Not only from HP btw, but the whole 2k * 2k panel idea seems dead silent. No more updates from Acer, nor any other manufacturing has released any info/plans to use these panels …

In 2 days, on thursday, Kopin will release their quarterly numbers and HOPEFULLY will give us an update on the BOE OLED 2k*2k panel production … They told us half a year ago that the plant was ready and that they were test running production lines but after that, also no info at all … Let’s hope it’s silence before the storm, but man, after all the big guys now have decided to go for lower res panels in their latest gen and windows MR platform seems dead too now, it just doesn’t look too good for those people who want higher res VR as soon as possible …


Maybe because 2x 3840x2160 panels is a better idea, after all :wink:


Hi Martin. Have you anymore juicy 8K X info for us??? Go on you know you want to. Nice to see you so active on the forum.
Wayne :+1::grinning:


Man I have a hard time getting excited about the pimax 8k-X. If Pimax fixes the distortion problems (eye tracking?), I’m surely interested. But if not I’m not even going to bother with it. And also full RGB subpixels really is a must for VR, are there even 4k panels RGB available? I’m not aware of any (which of course that doesnt mean they dont exist, but they’re not ‘main stream’ for sure). Also Sharp, which previously has supplied the Pimax 4k panels (and I suspect also for the Pimax 8k), has just announced that they’ve stopped producing OLED panels for phones, not sure though about LCD but it sounds like they’ve stopped producing phone panels alltogether: https://www.oled-info.com/sharp-stop-producing-smartphone-oled-displays

I’m hoping for an announcement from Samsung this month, I think they’re our best best for higher res VR in the short term. They have the technological capability and they always like to put the newest tech in their hardware.


You can easily find 4K 5.5 inch lcd displays when you google it.


Most of the hits are for “Sharp” panels, the ones Pimax has been using. I also found some Chinese one “Wisecoco”, but I highly doubt that’s full RGB subpixel, nor very suitable for VR (although they claim it can be used for VR)

EDIT On Alibaba there are some more unknown Chinese suppliers (with names like “Confu” or “HiView”) but none of them state the subpixel layout, nor refresh rates. But yeah it’s possible one of those Chinese manufacturers have full RGB stripe, let’s hope for that

EDIT 2 It turns out that the Wisecoco I just mentioned is just a rebranded Sharp (same model number, LS055D1SX05), so the same panel. Not sure about those other Chinese panels though.

EDIT 3 It seems that those other chinese are just the “AUO” 4k panel that’s also been on the market for a long time (and is even worse than the sharp panel).

EDIT 4 Also panelook only lists the Sharp and AUO panels we know about: http://www.panelook.com/appmodlist.php?st=&pl=&applications[]=82&production_state=1&resolution_pixels=8300 (then again, this website doesn’t seem to contain all panels out there, it doesn’t list the Reverb’s panel nor the pimax 8k panel)

So, no, it doesn’t seem like there’s any 4k full RGB stripe panel out there at this moment, I think we would have known about it. Then again, it is of course possible that Pimax is testing the 8k-X with a prototype for a to be released panel


I already searched panelook.com and decided to think that Pimax purchased the panels we did not find. Better than be disappointed by a speculation that Pimax is ruining both timeline and 8KX prototype.:joy:


Well they never promised a full RGB stripe panel for the 8k-X. So they could just use the panel they’ve used for the 8k. However I would find that disappointing. Everybody nowadays is releasing VR headsets with full RGB stripe for a good reason, less GPU power needed for a higher perceived resolution.

But yeah let’s hope Pimax did find some new panels.


Well, let’s ask @PimaxUSA: panel specs of the 8k-X?


It is indeed all new panel tech and RGB.


Ok, you’ve got me interested now :wink:


Did you say 4K RGB oled!!?

No just kidding :sunglasses:


Ooh, didn’t expect an answer atleast not this fast. Once the controllers are reality, I might be interested in the 8k-X as well. But not without the promised coupons + backer benefits towards the future models.


Haha yeah i was positively surprised too, I figured, no way Pimax is going to reveal details already :slight_smile: But this certainly looks promising, my personal only concerns are that it will be delayed again until mid 2020 when competitors are releasing their new models and and that they didn’t fix the distortion problems. But who knows, they might surprise us this time!


Well the 8kX using RGB is old news now as @SweViver revealed those details awhile ago.

Sj check your PM you have one from Risa you might be interested in; good stuff.


Although I‘d like to get my other deliverables too, I would suggest to view the issue of the 8K-X and what it brings to the table separately from the when do we get all of the promised deliverables issue.

If the 8K-X were to be a really nice hi-res device, it would be great as such, because you can get all the other parts required for the full VR experience from other sources - just as I am using the 8K now with my LH1.0 and Index controllers (well, currently I am not, but plan to get back into it in the coming weeks).

I appreciate that some of the backers may not wish or be able to afford the extra spending, but others can and are already taking this approach.

But before getting all excited about the 8K-X I really would want to see some hands-on‘s from trusted sources (with no pay checque from Pimax, sorry Sweviver - I will certainly listen carefully to what you say but being on their payroll you will have certain restrictions which are just part of the game). It could be a great device, for sure, but it may take a long time before they actually release it and they can still mess up some key features so it becomes a kind of sweet and sour dish for us…


Yep tbh pimax should go with the 8kX Backer list & set up an 8kX Test group with an NDA IF really needed (which imho shouldn’t be needed).

2 to 3 8kX backers. A Dev, An Enthusiast, & ?