HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



Hmm must have missed that. Any news about eyetracking/distortion correction?

Yeah saw it, I’m not at home though, travelling. Will be back this saturday, my Index arrived also, can’t wait to test it :slight_smile:


Only vague non details from PimaxUSA said there is supposed to be all kinds of improvements. So as he once said would take that on a grain of salt.

SweViver did say Kevin has been playing with an 8kX & other prototype items backers are waiting for.

Awesome hope your enjoying your trip. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


i like to know what you think off the index…:wink:


If the 8K X has a full RGB stripe panel, and if the whole panel is used, I think it will be a great device

I do think all VR companies are going to have to start looking at newer optical designs to get better use of all these pixels, because as it is now, GPUs are holding VR back (from a cost standpoint, as well as pixel throughput.)

Im getting ready to get a new GPU, and im looking at 2070 Super because thats about where my wall is on what I will pay for a GPU.


Cant say anything more than whats already been said, but things are progressing in a good pace now :slight_smile: Thanks Wayne. Im also slowly starting to feel a bit better… Been through a bit of “mental rehab” lately.

The distortion is improved, as I mentioned in the old announcement. Cant go into the details how its done, but yes its improved. At this point, I cant say anything about how eye tracking affects the distortion. And yes the panels are 4K full RGB striped LCD panels as far as I have been told lately.

Upon the Kickstarted campaign, RGB stripe wasnt promised, but today thats one of the most fundamental parts of the 8KX model.


Has the new panel tech done anything to improve the black levels? All these LCD headsets seem to be a step backward in that regard. If they could just improve the LCD backlighting OLED would have no advantage


I doubt that. you would have to use local dimming and at that panel size I can not imagine…



you cannot say “the distorsion is improved” without making a review of the headset;

The secret is not a secret anymore;

You have tried Pimax 8K X :grin:

Are blacks of Pimax 8k X better than Pimax 8K and Index ?


Hey man, you’ll spook him. Let him tell the secrets at his pace. lol


Just listened in on the Kopin conference call, it was a bit hard to follow every now and then because of the audio quality, and there’s no transcript up right now, I guess it will come later today. Anyway, sounded quite disappointing. They are working with 2 clients in the consumer space for their panels but they indicated late this year, early next year for that to be completed. Which usually means half 2020. So I guess we won’t be seeing headsets with BOE/Kopin OLED 2k*2k panels anytime soon …

I guess our only hope for high res VR this year is Samsung and … Pimax (and if it suits your IPD, of course HP)


SJ I’m looking forward what U gonna think bout the index. I’m gonna pass on the index but it may give insight about progression in VR overall.
Most pure stats are eye washing, of course it comes down to personal preference. But it would be nice to know if the specs + glare issues may turn out to be one step forward and one step back. With the Pimax so far (hopefully only due to "early Software stage + missing Accessoires) it feels like one step forward and two steps back.


Very difficult to provide dynamic filtering (LCD) that is as efficient as an on off switch (OLED)


That too is improved. It’s still doesn’t compare to oled black levels though but if you side by side a/b type deal on my samples it’s quite noticeable difference in blacks and contrast.


That’s just what I needed to hear. Really looking forward to release!


Hehe I must honestly admit I’m getting quite interested too: 4k native per eye, full RGB stripe, better blacks, less distortion… If that’s all true then this is going to be a very very interesting headset


What will the refresh rate be??


Yes, it will have also better colours and excellent motion image. This is for fast response panel and new chipset

@PimaxUSA you have tried Index. Are blacks of Pimax 8k X better than index ?


Refresh rate not finalized. The sample does support multiple refresh modes similar to the function of existing headsets.


The blacks of a regular 8k and the index are almost exactly the same, imho the 5K+ is slightly less black than a regular 8k. New one clearly has darker blacks than any of ours except for the XR.


I guess anything above 80 hz isn’t really important. I mean how are we going to drive that anyway, 2 * 4k native at more than 80 hz… We’ll need 3080 TI’s soon :slight_smile: