HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X




A product of this quality should have a DAS already assembled.
You might ask the difference of price to backers.

If you give to a reviewer Pimax 8K X without a DAS they find something they do not like
Better safe than sorry.

ps I am a backer of Pimax 8K X, controllers etc :grinning:


In theory we should have had the Delux Pi DAS as cloth strap after goal reached replaced cloth strap & some paid extra to have cloth strap.

But agreed Delux strap for any pimax headset should come atandard with both & an eco sku for those whi only want cloth strap.


Agreed. That’s the biggest improvement (over my 8K) for me. I doubt I would upgrade without full RGB subpixels.


Though not entirely accurated as it seems some pimax folk said RGB when asked. But in fairness maybe not the tech part of the team since their advert for XR oled says see rainbow of RGB colors.

From pimaxvr website. Very misleading & should be corrected.

That will have folks presuming RGB Oled screens in the XR.

During the Kickstarter pimax told Engadget RGB & @risa2000 asked I beleive & response to it was “RGB not Pentile” was also asked in Kickstarter comments. Which lead to the whole subpixel peak debate.

Suggests bad internal communication on understanding specs.


By the time the 8KX is available to the public the 3080 will be a thing of the past :roll_eyes:


Haha. Well I hope Pimax is a bit faster this time but going by how things have gone in the past you might be right.


@PimaxUSA Is Brainwarp 2.0 coming this year?


Good question as he last mention soon last was it march? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Do you mean the new 5k+ or the 8KX has darker blacks than the old 8k and Index?


My understanding (from what I’ve read on this forum) is there is no “new” 5K+. The 5K+ has blacks which are not quite as good as the 8K. The 5KXR is OLED and has the best blacks of any Pimax headset.

The 8KX has full RGB “stripe” subpixels and “darker blacks” than the regular 8K. The 5K+ also has full RGB subpixels (which is preferred - each pixel can display all 3 color channels). The 8K has a “rainbow” pattern of subpixels: A pixel has either G or RB subpixels, in a checkerboard pattern. The 5KXR (OLED) has “PenTile” subpixels, which are also similar to a checkerboard pattern.

. https://www.oled-info.com/pentile
. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PenTile_matrix_family

Here’s a discussion of the “rainbow” pattern: Demostrating Pimax 8k has real RGB subpixels with an 4k panel resolution. And explaining the source of its image problems


Yeah it’s pretty much what we’ve been waiting for all this time. 3 years late but might be worth it :slight_smile: Hopefully it’s a solid device


I also believe that if the DAS is finished by the time the 8kx is released it should come standard on it. Pimax has been torn apart by reviewers for coming with a cloth strap. Its 2019, soon to be 2020, cloth straps should be a thing of the past.


Brainwarp 2.0!

What is it ?


Yeah it’s a real shame it’s taking so very long to release the audio strap. I’m sure they’re doing their best and all but come on Pimax, at least tell us something?


It doubles perceived refresh rate.


The way I understood is that they render one frame and immediately calculate the next frame. Then they mix left eye rendered + right eye calculated and send it to the HMD, then left eye calculated and right eye rendered and send it to the HMD. So it’s really just like ASW but mixing left and right eye instead of showing both eyes rendered and then both eyes calculated.


Guys, with all due respect, don‘t get yourself overly excited just yet - yes, I’m looking in particular at you, Sjef… you know if you allow yourself to hope for the promised land in terms of VR goggles, you‘ll be bitterly disappointed at the end - yet again. The 8K-X may have some great features to offer but it will - true Pimax style - have some serious kinks too which means the overall value for day to day use remains to be seen no matter what the specs seem to promise today.

I would suggest to allow for a mild sense of curiosity and not much more… :wink:


Well don’t get me wrong here, I’m still VERY skeptical. I strongly believe what Valve said in their blog post is true, that the wider the FoV the more complicated and difficult it is to create that FoV distortion free. From what’s been said on the forum it seems that Pimax had done some optimizations in the lens of the new 8k-X, which could result in some improved distortion as Sweviver said. However I highly doubt that’s enough. The people who tried the StarVR said that Acer did pull it off with that HMD and that their ‘secret’ was in the dynamic distortion correction algo, that uses a different distortion profile each frame, based on the position of the iris, which they determined with eye tracking. I’m reading between the lines that the 8k-X won’t feature all that so I’m still highly skeptical that they can deliver an interesting wide FoV experience.

However, I do get excited that at least Pimax is TRYING. I mean we’re nearing 2020 and all the big guys have chosen to go for very small incremental steps, while the tech is obviously there to use higher res panels. And I can’t blame them, I do of course understand that they all figure that the amount of users with high end GPU’s is just way too low to focus on them. But it s*cks, for us the people interested in high end VR. So that’s why I’m still getting excited about this new Pimax HMD, even though I’m still very skeptical that they can pull it off.


Lets say Pimax do release an optimized headset with better panels. Would you buy it from their website for 1200 bucks? It’'s almost guaranteed to have some kind of issue on launch and by the time the 400 backer spots are fulfilled it won’t likely be available on Amazon til mid 2020


I don’t follow you normally you don’t give a warranty for bugs?