HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



It’s better to have someone seen honest promoting product than having one whom is only seen as a 1 company promoter. Think of an extreme whom doesn’t work for Oculus & the bad rep Heaney received as a result.

Now going by title “Community Relations Manager” is I believe the position was called. So he’s has kind of a mixed position where promoting product is on the lines of trying to help pimax with Community relations. A kind of PR position similar to how an Employee manager is supposed to be.


Do we even know that the 8KX will be released at all? (except for those who backed it in the kickstarter). If so, I must have missed that announcement somehow.



No official release date/price but official specifications Yes;


I see “price to be announced” on the list… that means they’re planning on selling them too. Nice :partying_face:


It will have only one cable so it will not be an ultra exclusive limited availibity product, but in fact the next in line Pimax headset


I agree with all the above. I know the 8KX is supposed to have a better panel profile to take advantage of more viewable pixels. I really hope it lives up to the hype. At that time I will more than likely get the Reverb too so that I can compare w the P8KX and like Heliosurge stated I might be able to get it on sale.


On a side note: I posted on a Reddit Reverb review thread asking the Reverb reviewer (who stated he owned a Pimax 4K) how the reverb SDE was compared to the Pimax 4K. He then proceeded to “rip me a new one” saying how dare I compare the P4K with the reverb, LOL. hes definetly not a Pimax fan!
Anyhow I didnt like all the cons of the P4K but I liked it for vids and certain games. It really had a clear image for games when looking off in the distance. I liked that little HMD. But after going larger FOV its hard to go back, thats whats keeping me from ordering a Reverb now.


Yes if the pixel density of the P8KX is on par with the P4K ill sell off my P4K,P5K+ and P8K and will only need the P8KX


I think I would have jabbed him. Lol

“Gotcha Reverb not as good as p4k for SDE; but good for everything else?” :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


LMAO, he didnt even respond to the question, he just thought I was a pimax fanboy! I should have messed w him a bit…


wow his ego was to big for pimax, you should have teased him a bit :slight_smile:
Yes i wonder too if i can tolerate smaller fov now, i’m thinking maybe it’s a big shock at first, but the brain will get used to it again over time, maybe easier with photorealistic image quality


Biggest problem I can see with the Reverb is using Square screens vs Rectangles. As folks have remarked at the decreased vertical FoV.

It would be interesting to see how a headset would flare using 2160×2048 for total 4320×2048


I had an Lenovo Eplorer with square displays, 1440x1440, the fov was not bad with an thin facefoam really close to the lenses couldn’t see the edges of the panels. I hope we can fiddle with that on the reverb as the foam is different…
i was lucky i didn’t have problems with the lack of ipd adjustment, so i’m fairly confident it will work for me if they use the same wmr tech.


Was the Lenova software IPD only, I didnt have an issue with IPD for the Odysseys but they were mechanical. My IPD for the Pimaxes is about 57 or 58 so I hope it wont be an issue with the Reverb as I think I remember 60 was the minimum??


Hp stated to road to vr that the software ipd range is 55mm to 71mm and the standard setting is 63mm so you should be good.


I fired up the ol Pimax 4K and… Well its gonna take some time to go back to that FOV :frowning:


oke, i have nothing to compare but i believe you, maybe try it for a few days and see if you get used to it? I think i will buy and try a reverb if a good deal comes up. In europe there is a legal 2 weeks period you can send goods back if youre not satisfied.


Samsung had a good return policy. I demoed the Odyssey+ for a week or two and Samsung let me return it no questions asked. Well almost, as long as there was no damage due to mishandling and such


Yes, if you buy Reverb, then you should definitely wait for a discount. On the WMR headset, they are often often from time to time :beers:

Personally, in my opinion, HP Reverb can be safely taken at a price of $ 400 and less when it comes. (even at Odyssey they make a discount of $ 200, so you can wait. Why pay over now for what will be cheaper later)


Yes, I also launched Lenovo accurately after my 8K during the first days of testing.
And I was a little shocked at how narrow the hole in Lenovo was (like a donut hole you look into :sweat_smile:)
Then it immediately seemed to me that there would be no return to a low FOV…