HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



Yeah thinking the same thing, there are often deals with wmr headsets, i had my lenovo for for something like 250. But i admit it’s difficult to wait, i want photorealism :slight_smile:


Maybe you can try a thin facefoam. I did a thin one and got rid of the terrible headband and replaced it with a headstrap wich pushes the hmd to your face, i could hardly feel it because of the lightweight of the headset, the fov went from a small donut to a big donut.


Yes, thanks, I tried my Lenovo, even completely removing the foam for the face. FOV at the same time becomes a little more, but I saw the squares.

At the moment I already got rid of Lenovo, since I did not see the point of keeping him further, having 8K :+1: (Although I have to admit that the picture on Lenovo sometimes was a bit more “lively” in sims. I still do not understand for what reasons it was)

In the case of HP Reverb, I was also stopped by the future appearance of Acer on the stage with 2160x2160, but with IPD adjustment. For such a headset, $ 600 would still be acceptable, in my opinion. (although my IPD 65mm is basically suitable for Lenovo if you successfully put a sweet spot on your eyes)

But nevertheless, given the 8KX output, I still can not seriously think about buying HP Reverb … I use my 8K every day for everything, despite the lack of high resolution, I really like FOV :star_struck:


Ah oke i couldn’t see the edges of the display, same thing people have different problems with pimax depending eyes and faceshape…
I agree fully got rid of my lenovo also, sde about the same but better colors, blacks, godrays and FOV and brainwarp is much better then the wmr motion smoothing.
Yes maybe the wisest thing to is to wait for the 8kx reviews and don’t miss the large FOV andsnatch the reverb or the Acer on the side when a good deal comes up.


yes agree :sunglasses:
When 8 KX comes out, Acer comes out with an ipd-adjustment, we will already have more information to make a better decision :beers:

And by the way, by the end of the year some more unexpected appearance of interesting headsets are possible, for example from Samsung or someone else ( but this is not entirely accurate.).

This year is pretty bright for VR anyway :wink:


Agreed, I’m pretty sure the new Odyssey (if they’re even going to use that name again) will have 2k * 2k panels too. They already showed a prototype quite some time ago


I think the reverb is a good bet if your ipd is between 61-66 otherwise the lack of ipd is too fov compromising
I estimate that I lose about 10% fov with 67.5 ipd , might send this back and wait for another rendition with ipd adjustment .


I have ordered the HP Reverb Pro and will get it in a couple of days. I will of course do all sorts of geeky videos and comparisons :wink:


Heck yea! Any chance you will be able to pull of a Pimax 8KX/HP Reverb comparison ??


At the moment for Martin is probably buried under a metric ton of NDAs in regard to the 8K X, but I’m sure if he’s tried it yet, he is enjoying it.


We’ve had some guys doing FOV tests in the IL-2 Sturmovik community with this SteamVR room: “ROV Test FOV & Resolution”. It’s an interesting tool.

They’ve stated that indeed the vertical FOV was smaller and the 114° must refer to the diagonale, as mentioned in SweViver’s livestream.


Is this app in the Steam store or in the Steamvr setting somewhere? Thanks


This is not an application, it is one of the worlds of SteamVR from the workshop (like SteamVR Home).
You just need to subscribe, then you can go to it from SteamVR Home by calling the menu :beers:

There is also an offline free-version that runs as a game:


Ok cool thanks Ill check it out


You will not like the fov sweviver if i recall you have 6.7 ipd or similar


Why not order it and try yourself. You should have 14 days to send it back…


Yes, I would try it with pleasure.
But with us this product is not officially sold, unfortunately (like many other headsets).
Therefore, it is often necessary to purchase in another country (Amazon, Newegg, Ebay, etc.), using intermediary services.
So delivery times alone can be up to 14 days sometimes.
Therefore, in most cases, you have to wait for reviews to make the right decision :sunglasses:


What’s your ipd Century ??


Well, I have about an average IPD of 65mm.
Yes, I think that Reverb would suit me by ipd. (Lenovo Explorer basically sat well, if you put the right sweet spot on your eyes. But in the corners it was a bit unclear if you mow your eyes. But I used it for six months without any problems :wink: )


You’ll be just fine with it , the lenovo has very similar fov to this though so maybe use a slightly thinner face mask .

This is way crisper even when looking through the non optimal part of the lens ( 67.5 ipd ) than any headset that I have used including pimax 5k=/ vive pro gear , if I look through the dead center of the lens I see the candy

I feel like a kid who cannot quite reach the candy on the top shelf when i use it .