HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



Well, yes, apparently it is.
If the panel gives only 135 degrees horizontally, then indeed the PPD will be higher … (for one panel)


Yeah I miscalculated a little in my previous posts, but its around 22,7-23 PPD with 80% utilization horizontally :slight_smile:


Yes thats how todays 5K+/XR and 8K renders. Around 135 degrees per eye. And I just assume the 8KX will have similar or identical layout, canted panels and similar lenses :slight_smile:


either way it will make a good hmd
only concern is $$$$


Yeah well, Im sure it wont be cheap… If we can end up on half of the StarVR price, I would be very happy!


they should try to make it up-gradable with better panels when they become available at EU center or USA warehouse etc
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Yes, I agree that 8K X should not be more expensive than 2 times 8K. Although half the price of StarVR is almost 2 times more expensive … (and the difference is only in the screens by and large, can screens really be so expensive?)

We need a discount! :beers:


If it’s so expensive I will skip it for sure


I was thinking the StarVR was supposed to be 2800 Euro, which is around 3200 USD.
Half of that is 1600 USD, which is basically the double price of current 8K


$ 1200-1400 can still be … But $ 1600 already looks very impressive :roll_eyes:
(1200 - for backers :beers: :grin: )


They will not sell many at $1600


Think the same premise was on the 2080ti. But yeah price will determine yeild & market target.

(Wonder if I can sell a spare kidney or 3) :beers::smiling_imp::+1::sparkles:


You probably right , I’m a 1080ti till it’s knackered man


Before I was allowed to do the 8K X specs video, Pimax team pointed out very clearly that the 8K X will be an enthusiast headset. It will be more expensive. How much that might be, I have no clue. Im just speculating and guessing… :slight_smile:


They want to be quick with them because I would imagine another company will do a 135 fov high ppd headset with the smaller cheaper panels ( if that’s actually possible with any remaining overlap)


I think Pimax has to overcome many problems to get this thing sold

  • Eyestrain
  • Software
  • Distortions
  • Build Quality

to name a few…

If the build quality stays the same you may end up with an expensive paperweight after the warranty ends…


I am guessing $1499 with PAID shipping.

You heard it here first.

I believe it is a fair price for a TRUE 4k per eye panel, with refreshed lens, increased panel utilization and other enhancements.


And $1200-1300 for backers :beers:


Yeah. I always loved the Strategic Management books from Michael Porter at university, they’re all loosely based on the idea that you choose to profile yourself as either a price fighter or quality provider. Once you do that it becomes much easier to make all kinds of business choices. That’s what Pimax is doing wrong in my opinion. On the one hand they strife to deliver the most advanced HMD, with cutting edge tech but then they package it in a low quality shell and write software that a lot of time is just not ready to be released yet. I think Valve is doing that a lot smarter, although I still think they should have released their Index with 2k * 2k panels. It would have been hard to beat that HMD in terms of quality/cutting edge tech, probably for a few years to come


Sure. Though Eyestrain is a tricky one as it likely will not be solved for all like other headsets.

Distortions & software are of course being worked on as reported by many with releases & build quality is always a wip in products.