HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



Yes valve slipped up with the outdated panels
edit low resolution


Hello, is there any information when we get the controller? …


I dont see how they will get full utilization without lower magnification on the lenses. If they do get a PPD higher than reverb, I will buy it right away lol.

My issue is that I need a new PC to drive it lol

I think the price will need to be limited to $1200 to be profitable, because a lot of people will need a better build.

Since 2080 Ti is $1200, I feel like $2400 for a whole build plus HMD is going to need to be their target.

Since at that price you are getting into the Xtal ball park, (and it has great lenses, runs on 1070, etc.) to be practical Pimax needs to be enthusiast affordable

Thats why I am suggesting monoscopic rendering on 5K + and 8K. If they do that, they can hold tne value and enthusiast crown across price ranges.


it would be nice to have it as extra 3d options just like in Vorpx just to get more performance when needed


I think 8KX price will be $1299.

Kickstarter prices of 5K, 8K, 8KX were $399, $499, $699 each.

Now 5K+ is $699, 8K is $899.

5K = 5K KS + $300 = (5K KS)*2 - $100
8K = 5K + (8K KS - 5K KS)*2 = (8K KS)*2 - $100
8KX = 8K + (8KX KS - 8K KS)*2 = (8K KS)*2 - $100 = $1299

Very expensive… but still affordable I think.

Is it too optimistic?


I think the 8K X should be offered to all of us backers for $999 of the 5k+ and 8K originally, then they can charge what they want to the general public:)


Recommend waiting


Took a quick look over Reddit link in Article. Seems to be similar issues users have reported here.

Good info & links for troubleshooting!


I recently purchased the HP Reverb and after initially being impressed with the clarity the FOV really got on my nerves, I also have the quest and it is similar in FOV. People could say what they like about the Pimax but the 130-170 FOV is amazing, I didn’t think I would miss it, it is just not a good trade off. The HP Reverb is physically well built better than the Pimax, however the the Reverb still has issues mine had intermittent blinking, also the sound coming from the headphones was intermittent as well which is not good. Even with the 3rd Party DAS the Pimax sound works as it should, Also the tracking is not very good either. I have actually sent my HP Reverb back today, I’m so pleased they are giving me a refund because nearly £600 is a lot of money. The grass is definitely not always greener. The Quest for me was a better investment, the USP is wireless out the box which is excellent, it is well built and has no issues. The bonus for the quest is as long as you have a good internet connection you can stream PC games wirelessly and trust me it is nearly as good quality as the Vive Pro etc. and it works very well. The Quest is definitely staying.


How is no one mentioning the fact that pimax still uses parallel projections? So what’s the point of an 8kx when a lot of games (especially sims) require it and so you have to turn down SS by a lot…? As I said before I’d have easily waited for the 8kx if there was no such thing as PP


But after all, the use of PP essentially means a simple increase in resolution (if I am not mistaken). This increases the quality of the picture accordingly.
Is not it so?


PP is needed due to games that were made that do not support Canted displays.

Even Xtal & StarVR would have something similar just probably on all the time or Autoswitches off maybe in the driver. It’s just not visible.

Hidden Mask for example is in all headsets but is usually only exposed to developers.

As Journey to Infinite Author mentioned. Oculus Half dome will need a compensation for it’s rendering on curved screens as well.


As far as I understood it renders just “more” to the visible area, quality stays the same


hmm, strange then. After all, I definitely see a much higher resolution rendering in SteamVR :roll_eyes:


A higher resolution rendered does not necessarily improve quality presented. There’s a bunch of factors involved, but the primary thing to consider here is the lens warp rendering pass performed by Pimax software. It has to map all that excess peripheral resolution to a limited physical region on the display panel, and it has to do it in limited time. This will use a limited number of samples per pixel, and you run into the same problems anisotropic filtering is meant to adress. But it’s little use to build a full set of mipmaps for every frame, so the sampling will outright miss detail… unless you preempt it. This is exactly what variable rate shading does. It allows you to reduce the renderbuffer resolution specifically to match the lens warp, or our idea of visual acuity, so that’s exactly what PiTool uses for its fixed foveated rendering setting. That could counteract the resolution excess caused by parallel projections, reducing the rendering demands and improving the sampling accuracy, but only on the 20 series currently. Who knows if it’s actually used that way…


Best guess is that the game Engine wants/expects to render a more squarish frame vs a wider Rectanglar frame.

So PP allows the game to render the Squarish ratio so the picture will align properly?


And add another 500 for LHs + controllers.

Only a few crazy people will spend that much money to a company with that a terrible reputation than Pimax.

And I imagine the customers face when they will see the housing cracking everywhere for a product at that price, or that one panel displays black lines every other line as soon as they move their head, and then Pimax will just ignore their reports and claim they have statistics showing extremely low number of cases for this.

Pimax is promising a supercar when they can’t already offer a reliable sportcar…


There are many companies with worst reputations that have a long history.


Yeah let defend people doing crap because other people are doing crap too.

This forum itself is already dying day after day. We are far from the promised effervescence of Pimax refining their products hand in hand with backers. They just stay cloistered in their HQ.

Almost nobody is anymore hyped by Pimax today beside a remaining few on this forum.
What a waste…


Just got the Reverb delivered. Still in the box. Might need to wait until the weekend though. But I will start diggin’ soon :wink: