HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



No I know what pp is and why it’s needed. Just saying how much performance it needs is why I won’t bother with the 8kx.

If pimax decide to make a lower FOV hmd like the valve index’s 130 that doesn’t require pp and with a higher res than the index, I’m in. But oh well


Start now!!.. :sob::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin::joy:


If that were the case other companies wouldn’t be highlighting Pimax in their Kickstarters like WalkOvr & Katvr’s Kat Loco.


New program releases are not as likely to need PP. It’s more old titles & I am sure PP will eventually be more optimized to reduce performsnce hit or some devs might update older titles as well.


Parallel projections make for wider render buffers than canted (and this makes several titles crash, forcing a trade off of field of view versus resolution). The issue is with engines assuming that the eye views are pointed in the same direction (nvidia built this assumption into hardware, even).

Here’s a quick sketch with render buffer widths taken from PiTool, showing what a massive difference 4.3 degrees of angle makes:

Incidentally, canted small is the only setting that had a square render buffer.


Thank you for better clarity on this. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


You know why the Forums are not as active? People are using their Pimax headsets in VR instead of sitting here :wink:


and for performance you can choose for small fov on the 8kx


Maybe this would allow the wireless module to work so it doesn’t have to push so many pixels over the air.


yes maybe, personaly i don’t like wireless close to my brain for hours :slight_smile:


Or they have already resold it, or it is just taking dust because Pimax holds their lighthouses paid 1.5 year ago and they don’t want to play with a 3DOF HMD.

When a product is a success people always talk a lot about it.

A few weeks ago I was watching a VR show, that was when pimax just “announced” their controllers. I was expecting a lot of talk about it during the show but in the end they just have shown the picture for 10sec at the very end saying pimax controllers were coming and haven’t talked a single word about their spec or anything. Speaks volume about pimax interest today…


So what do you do when you take a one hour cell phone call? haha


what do you think, handsfree


But that’s bluetooth by your brain haha


That is true. I was happily flying IL-2 just now. The Pimax5k+ is amazing in the new Me-262 jet, the feeling of speed is great. So I saw no reason to post, waaaay too busy. And when I put my nose into this thread, it picked up neelrocker, so I had to get out asap again.

P.S. First I got a Vive, and one LH went loud and crazy and committed seppuku - returned the entire thing. Then I got a Rift. I had 3 RMAs on an Oculus Rift CV1 within 2 years - without physical damage. And after a year, a stuck dark pixel on the Samsung Odyssey (which fortunately disappeared a month later, as Samsung refused support on European customers, because we have to import it), and a broken wheel in the back of the crown - which I opened up and fixed myself. Now the Reverb is a QA nightmare as well, or so I’ve heard. On the IL2 Forums a guy reported that the headset bricked itself, he crosschecked with his Odyssey+ to rule out a software issue. And HP Germany cannot support him - because the CS can’t even find the headset in their database…
Another guy from the UK called RWB FxUK had his return authorized by HP UK, but “no idea how long it will take though, its obviously in high demand and out of stock everywhere”.

Sebastian Ang also just reported flicker in his right screen. Here’s the screeny:

To be honest - better hold back on the Reverb mate. Wait one or two months.


Ooo-kay… Remind me to stand behind you in line, next time you buy a lottery ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got a rabbit’s paw and a dried four leaf clover with me at all times, so it can’t be that, man! :smirk:


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I wish I could tell you the whole story, but I can tell you there are some good news coming! :slight_smile:

It was just an announcement, more info comes soon when they get released.

Who banned neelrocker?

Wow I didnt know about this. Thanks for the heads up!