HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



Well I have to add that I ordered the Reverb from HP Sweden for almost 750 Euro, so I can always return it or RMA if needed… lets hope not :wink:


Shouldn´t you being doing photos of Elite Dangerous on the Reverb right now ? :policeman:



To be honest Im totally game over today. Just laying in the sofa repling some comments and stuff… Its been a long day :slight_smile:


Nah most are using it. Just some like you & I don’t want to spend extra on LHes. But any Simmer can get away buying 1 LH.

If StarVR had released you would likely have had to buy LHes & controllers from a 3rdparty. The same is true of Xtal with Steamvr Tracking plate.

We get it neel folks like yourself whom don’t want controllers are naturally sticky waiting on LHes. As I have supported in posts if pimax can get LHes shipped for folks like you hopefully they can do that. Especially I can appreciate not wanting to buy v1.0 at almost double the cost of what we paid.


Yep definatly going to wait for all the bugs to get worked out and hopefully catch it on sale



We have already been told this in March Sweviver, March !!

In March it was only a matter of weeks before LHs start being sent. Did it happen ? NO

And in March we were promised we would be asked if we are ok to wait for controllers or prefer to get the LHs asap, and it was even clearly stated this choice will be respected.

Did it happen ? NO

As soon as a poll was created to ask the community this poll was purely censored, removed, erased, deleted.

How do you feel about such censorship ? Do you approve, sweviver, or disapprove ?

Man we have been turning in circles like that for months now ! Initialy we had Pimax doing announcements over announcements, then we have had Kevin doing the same thing (like what he did in March), and now you ?

How do you think I could feel any better from yet another annoucement just because it now comes from you ?

How do you think I’m gonna be happy with yet another announcement at all after we have already been waiting for so long ?

Let not distord reality, the initial HMD shipments (or at least beginning of mass production) was promised for January 2018 at the time Pimax was taking A LOT of money from us through the KS.

Even if most of us were not believing this would happen nobody thought the delay would in the end take more than a year ! And by this time LHs deliveries has been announced to “ship soon” several times !!

And then a few months after the delivery of the HMDs not a single of the other accessories has been delivered.

On top of that you have yourself over promoted the controller announcement because:

1- I don’t see why I would be happy to learn the controller we have been waiting the release for months already will not even be the initial design (finger tracking, thumbsticks) but only a simplified one (no finger tracking, only trackpads)

2- the timeframe for that cheap’ed controller runs up to Sept/Oct which is super late for not even getting the initial controller design but only a much simplified one I’m not even interested in at all !

3- we are not even sure all those other accessories will be shipped within that same timeframe or if that’s still months and months of additionnal waiting to get those.

Even the video showing the controller working that was promised by the end of May is still not there in the middle of June. And you think I’m going to be happy because you sweviver promise the next announcement will be nice ? Man you already said that for the controller announcement that in the end made me really unhappy and even more angry after Pimax…


Sure I understand man. But you need to understand the lighthouses are made by Valve and nobody else. Its a 3rd party product, just like the Leap Motion hand tracking. I can’t tell you any details but the delay was nothing Pimax planned or could do about. If Pimax was allowed to build their own lighthouses we would have gotten them + controllers long time ago.


Nope the controllers are Pimax development…


Pimax needs the lighthouses to release the controllers. Otherwise it will create even more problems and headache for people that doesnt have lighthouses…


I know this but that’s not excusing all the false announcements Pimax has made.

After a first delay Pimax was claiming they were about to receive a big supply back in the end of 2018 already, and this revealed completely untrue.

Then despite knowing all the back story, the previous delays, etc. we have Kevin claiming in March that all this is now resolved, the sky is bright, the manufacturing running at full speed and just requiring to put the right powersupply for your region and then it is a matter of a few weeks before they are shipped.

But then, NOTHING. And the reason for still not shipping them seem just cost saving on shipping with Pimax deciding to force people to wait they are ready with a controller that is not even the one initially planned…

So why such a false announcement AGAIN ? And this time from Kevin who was supposed to fix such Pimax communication issues ?

Sorry you can say what you want, put all the fault on valve again, I’m now just thinking we are lied. It’s not valve who has made this announcement to us in March, it’s Kevin. And he is the one who has let us hear Pimax would “really like to have people agree to wait for controller”. But most didn’t agree so decision was taken to impose Pimax choice as it is so easy to just put the fault back on valve again and wave the NDA flag again.

How do you want me to still believe it is still valve fault after that ? Did Kevin apologize for the false hope from his March announcement ? No. He wouldn’t have broken any NDA by telling us he has spoken too fast and valve is still not ready to supply them. All the evidences now just point at Pimax dragging their feet.

Kevin has used the excuse of a too high minimum quantity to place an order (and there is no proof of that of course, he could say what he wants) but Pimax will have to place this order one day or another anyway.

The chronology is so suspicious against Pimax:

  • March production running full speed, no more problem to supply LHs, would prefer to wait controllers but backers will have the final word.
  • Backers disagree, poll censored, and then magically there is this high min req to place the order…

What a curious coincidence really…

Next week is Q3! Base stations and controllers? News?

Man… there is a lot of confidential information that cant be said here, but let me just tell you:
Valve is to blame here. OK? And now they seems to have solved it, as it seems. Things are happening.

I hope this explains a lot…

Next week is Q3! Base stations and controllers? News?

There is nothing that Pimax wants more than just releasing the Lighthouses+Sword controllers preferably today. But if “things” on “the other” side apparently doesnt want you to do so, then its difficult.


So the controllers are ready but the lighthouses not?


By saying this you just add weight to the theory it’s not a valve problem anymore but only Pimax who doesn’t want to supply LHs before they are ready with their controllers.

And because they are so late with the initial controller design they had to invent this simplified one that will be easier to produce, so production can start sooner with that one and then Pimax can justify delaying their LH order.

It becomes so hard to believe on coincidence when you see puzzle pieces matching each others like that, with any new annoucement reinforcing the initial theory…


But we were told the exact same thing back in March already !..

Seriously this is no secret at all valve don’t want competition from Pimax. As if any NDA was preventing customers to guess this by themselves…

But then you are saying valve gave the green flag back in March but then suddenly would have changed their mind again ? I really find difficult to believe that…

Maybe they first told the manufacturing was now fully running but only told them about the min quantity to place an order later (after Kevin March announcement), but then it is still Pimax who doesn’t want to place such order without having at least a controller so they can avoid having too much LHs stock.


There are way more entities than Valve that don’t want competition from Pimax , or any company already producing or finished engineering a wide-fov headset, believe me… LOL


This is what confuses me the most. Pimax is basically saying Valves minimum quantity amount requirement is so high that Pimax believes they will never sell this amount and doesn’t want to lose money on unsold units? I just don’t understand how the number can be so astronomically high that Pimax doesn’t want to place the order. Considering LH 2.0 sensors will most likely be sold for YEARS and Pimax has its current headsets which will most likely see a bump in sales after a full kit is available along with their business contracts and new headsets like the 8kx on the horizon surely they can sell out their stock eventually.

Or is the PRICE of buying that many units at once the cause of the issue? Instead of buying multiple low quantity batches, Pimax would be forced to buy all of their stock at once causing a massive hit in their cash flow?

How freaking high is this number?


No thats not the case. I would say its more the other way around.


The problem is, you don’t necessarily have to buy Pimax LH.
Any other LH 2.0 can do the job, so Pimax may have stock left in the end.

For example, I didn’t backed a complete package since I already had the Vive at that time. But now, I don’t used my Vive anymore (can’t go back to it now that I tasted wider FOV), and won’t even use my original Vive controllers in a few days (since I even ordered the Valve Index controllers). So, I decided to resell my Vive and obviously its LH, hence I ordered 3 new LH 2.0 at Valve … to use with my Pimax.

Anyway, Valve might not be so cooperative with all this …
Firstly because it’s like helping the competition.
Secondly, because they need to produce enough LH 2.0 for themselves (since the Valve Index is launching shortly).
And lastly, because they probably don’t wan’t LH 2.0 being sold separately by competitors before they could even do it.


Valve has always had partnerships to bring every headset manufacturer into the Steam VR ecosystem. That was always their endgame have everyone under Steam VR. I just dont believe now all of a sudden they are going to reverse that line of thinking and block everyone else out.