HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X



65K is the number that I have seen floating on reddit (but no source).

So you say Pimax would like to ship LHs alone, without waiting for controllers.

This would then imply it’s valve who doesn’t want to allow that because they want LHs only sold bundled, and that’s why Pimax was then forced to add this unplanned simplified controller they can produce earlier (and then get LHs for KS pledges earlier too, compared to the wait if we had to wait the sense version is ready).

But the LHs we are waiting for from our pledges ARE already sold bundled (with our HMDs, bundle doesn’t necessary means controllers, or Pimax couldn’t supply LHs at all to backers who doesn’t have controllers in their pledge).

So this explanation doesn’t stands well. I’m more inclined to think Kevin has made the March annoucement with the idea (bet) in mind he will manage to convince people there was no practical use to get the LHs alone. But then a lot of people did not agree…


Reading your story it’s surely more profitable for valve to be able to sell knuckles + v2 LHs to pimax users than having them buying pimax controllers + v2 LHs from pimax.

But then again pimax really did a poor job at securing their deal with valve…


It’s just my guesses, and have obviously no proof of that.
That doesn’t remove any other possible mismanagment from Pimax either.

I’m sure Valve is eager to bring as many partner as possible on the boat, but now that they sell there product by themselves, I’m also sure they might not want to be selling these products after their partners.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the issues where mysteriously solved after Valve delivered they products and everyone is able to order from them anytime.


Whaaat, are you talking about lh V 1.0 or 2.0? I’m 99.91181447% sure Kevin said in the MRTV interview that “the lighthouses are being made someone else than Valve AS WE SPEAK”

Or was I drunk or something? Dreaming maybe?:beers::sleeping:
Edit. Drunk for sure but also dreaming? :thinking:


If Pimax has no problem making sword controllers, why did they separated knuckle-like controllers into sword(second half of this year) and sword sense(no release date)?

That makes me to think that Pimax has problems on both LHs and controllers.

Also, announcements could go wrong indeed, but why does Pimax make explanations about that?
There are always announcements and another announcements saying “It will come soon!”

I just want Pimax to tell us what made it delayed and how much we have to wait.
That is just enough for me but Pimax does not.


Isn’t that what everybody thinks when they’re in a fight with somebody else? I think it’s quite rare for people to put the blame on themselves in such scenario.

Either way I think it would help if you guys would explain a bit what is happening and what is causing the wait. People paid for those LH’s so it’s only natural that they start to worry now after all of this time still nothing.


Let’s not Distort reality. Kickstarter said Estimated Delivery like all Kickstarters do. Yes it sucks release was 8 months late.


It wasn’t completely untrue. If you recall folks wanted to add Lighthouses after kickstarter ended. The response said at that time they couldn’t add additional LHes as the KS order had been submitted to Valve & they could not sell LHes outside of packages. This was the first sign Valve changed availability, conditions & price of sale.


I see what you did there. Yeah the Virtual reality is already distorted. :grin:


Actually what happened in a nutshell. Valve tried & failed to do what Microsoft did with WMR & tried selling Steamvr hmd Dev Kits (more or less guessing after LG exited). Valve as a result started working on the Index as leaks revealed.

HTC whom was a manufacturing partner had a falling out(Vive Port with Game dev incentives is one of many). Valve had to assume their own manufacturing of Lighthouses.

Many companies contract manufacturing of componets to near complete products to 3rdparty companies. Cars we drive for example.

Google Pixel isca good example as well. Valve had to setup & ramp up their own manufacturing & ensure their headset would have priority on supply.

If anything Valve has hurt their chances of having a WMR system where companies use Steamvr Tracking.


As I’m sure you know contracts are tricky. Yes I would guess pimax (evident) didn’t have the contract evaluated well enough to ensure it was iron clad with no clever loop holes.

Valve on the otherhand would make their NDA clear on not being able reveal specifics & their holding a prize as hostage.


At least in the peripheral. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


I think SteamVR is in its strongest position ever.

They have all WMR headsets via the Steam App.

They have Oculus Rift S on the wrapper.

They have Pimax 8k series.

They have their own Index HMD maybe ship next week.

They have the Cosmos launch later this year.

And they have the Quest on Steam using a hack which bipasses the Oculus Store probably to the dismay of Facebook who want an iron clad eco system.

(How long before Valve have their own WiFi router to stream Steam content to the Index?)

Once Pimax get these LHs in their supply chain the playing field will be even and the finger pointing will stop. But I think we need to get past the Index Launch first.

Where is the Pimax audio strap? There’s no excuse Pimax can hide behind there.


Always difficult to analyze market and design from outside… example those maverlous display 2k2k seems to have some problems maybe valve simply did’nt want to take this chance this time.

If 10% of your samples was rejects would you include this in your product…


probably more to do with pc specs imo valve know better than anyone what pc specs the average gamer has


Probably but in a decision making process everything is pondered, you could have some people pushing internally for better resolution headset and people counter arguing that the current panel option is not available or conform to quality requirements and it’s better to go with greater usage vs better specs

Hi res panel argument lost…


Better specs of course relative. Ie 4k @ 30hz vs 1080p @ 120hz.

Most would likely prefer 1080p @ 120hz.


Sure Valve & we could say HTC with Vive port has an edge for support of non Steamvr support which helps with title sales.

But Valve’s original intent was to be what WMR is. Outside Brands using their system. Oculus recently forced VD dev to remove SteamVR streaming. There are concerns with Oculus users loosing ALVR support that allows SteamVR to be streamed to Oculus Go.

Steam has currently the widest 3rdparty support. But with the begining they wanted the outside to buy in. Was it $5000 for a seminar to use Steamvr tracking? Then Later SteamVR Hmd Dev Kits with them in control of LHes.

Microsoft was smarter on Dev Kit of sorts idea & wisely chose to build a SteamVR supported plugin & is also getting a plug in for viveport.

Steam is still in good shape say compared to Oculus closed platform aims.

Agreed on the Audiostrap. While there are those whom like banded headstraps many want a more convienent solution from the team.


I’d prefer 4K @ 120Hz, but I’ve settled for 4K @ 60Hz. 4K is so much clearer than 1080p, especially on a large monitor.


Who wouldn’t. But I gave the bottom of the barrel example of 4k @ 30hz. I remember those early 4k days with hdmi was it 1.4? Those 4k tv monitors were horrible & let to an interm fix of the upscaling passive cables.

So myself if given 4k @ 30hz or 1080p @ 120hz. I’d rather have 4x the refresh vs 4x Res at a quarter the refresh.

4k 60hz vs 1080p 120hz. I’d pick the 4k as well. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: