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New HP 4K HMD $599

“Unfortunately, overall clarity is held back in a large way by plainly visible mura. At a glance, mura can look similar to the screen door effect (in the way that it’s ‘locked’ to your face and reduces clarity) but is actually a different artifact resulting from poor consistency in color and brightness across the display. It ends up looking like the display is somewhat cloudy.”

" There’s also a few other curious visual artifacts. There’s a considerable amount of chromatic aberration outside of the lenses’ sweet spot. There’s also subtle—but noticeable—pupil swim (varying distortion across the lens that appears as motion as your eye moves across the lens)"

" While I couldn’t spot any obvious ghosting or black smear, interestingly Reverb shows red smear, which is something I’ve never seen before."

Source https://www.roadtovr.com/hp-reverb-review-vr-headset/


This just looks incredible:

Best ever VR through lens pic so far in history. Period.



These photo’s seem truely next gen


"“VR 365 Live - Houston… Reverb has a Problem - HP Reverb delayed? - Ep173”


This image of mura is not so next gen. Period :wink:


Sebastian needs to talk on it. So far he is liking what he sees


I very much like and trust Sebastian :+1:


In none of the photos posted by Sebas I see something weird. Besides he seems simply stunned by this HMD. Anyway I’m sure we’ll get a full review soon


Tested loved the screen but felt the 1st gen two camera tracking and controllers let the package down when compared to the Rift S.


Wait for @mixedrealityTV review. His reviews are way better than tested.
I would not take a decision based on a tested review…


Maybe somebody that own Doom can take the same picture with the 5k+ or 8k?


New HP 4K HMD $599

Hmm he doesn’t sound too positive about the Reverb. Sebastian seems to have a blast with it though. Hopefully he’ll be posting this review today too.


Its up at 11 german time, 3 hours 40 mins from now :smiley:


Good review


Interesting review but It’s underwhelming from a pimax owner 5k+ stand point, it’s a great upgrade from the vive of rift yes. Sebastian says much about the reverb but shows less ; only 1 capture vs 3 other headsets and Colors and image dimensions for the Rift and the 5k+ are not the same vs the reverb. No visual illustration of the FOV dimension vs the other headsets. How does the image compare vs the Xtal!? Dedicated thru the lens shots are great yes but if this headset has a lower FOV then the Od+ it’s simply not interesting for me.

Will wait for the web version of the review


The HP Reverb got recalled

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