HTC Base Station went dead today



So today I woke up and saw one of my 2.0 base stations blinking red and when I connected the pimax 5k+, the sensor was broken and not tracking. I’ve read that if there’s a whining noise, it has mechanically broken and needs to be have an RMA.

Ever since I connected the Pimax and took out the Vive Pro, I feel as if the base stations are staying on the entire time they’re connected to a power outlet.

Is there any way to have them go to sleep? With a Vive Pro connected, there was an option in SteamVR to have them go idle when not being used from what I remember, but now that the vive pro isn’t connected, I don’t think anything can be done.

Any suggestions or does anyone know how to fix this from happening to my other base station?


I read that if you keep your Vive breakout box connected to your PC, then you “should” be able to have them automatically turn on/off via Steams Power Management setting.

But then I read in another post that someone was not able to check the box in Steam Settings for Power management, after this configuration, like it was red or something.

I am hoping it works when my 8K comes in.


I tried that also. Those options are gone with or without the vive linkbox


Im not a genius when it comes to this stuff, usually just trial and error with me. But maybe try a different USB port with the Vive breakout box


When I close power adapter for lighthose no “b”, the “c” will auto sleep, the best method for me.