HTC sensor lives



good morning. I have a problem. when the 5k plus viewer and attached to the HTC live station I can’t touch the viewer. It disconnects me. loses tracking. how can i solve? thank you


If you use 1 Lighthouse, keep it at least 2-3m away from you. Keep it at your front.

You need a minimum of 2 Lighthouses to get 360° tracking.

Also, try PiTool version 180!


is about 2.5 meters away. pimax use only for sim. but I do not solve anything


Try this. It detects the station much better and more reliably than 132 or 144.


So if you touch your Pimax headset, you lose tracking?

It might be a problem with static/residual electricity, or whatever it should be called.
I guess youre using some steering wheel?

@blitze was it you having a loss of tracking with a steering wheel set?


I lose the tracking when I activate the dynamic station. Is this because my pimax cable is not shielded?


Try to run a cable (wire) between Your computer case and the “dynamic station”. It’s worked for others before.

EDIT: I thought by “dynamic station” You meant a motion rig or something like that but it seems to me You mean basestation or lighthouse? If You don’t have anything like a motion rig, wheel or other peripheral connected (via USB) I don’t know what to do besides opening a ticket with support. Your unit might be faulty.


Not sure whats the problem here.


I have already placed the viewer on the ground with a PC and a dynamic workstation done


Hi @m.stefano3 Is the tracking still losing?