HTC Vive complete pack for 379 € (Germany / Austria)


Hi folks,

at is the Vive on sale for 369€ (original 399€ but you can use a coupon) if you want delivery to germany you can use D-A Packs Service ( +10 €).


In case you don’t have lighthouses and controllers of course…


Thx - if I would not have spend so much I would go for it.
But it just gets me wondering if there will be an update about the PiMax base station and controllers any time @Matthew.Xu.
It would be awesome I’d pimax also got some tracking Pucks also

The vive stuff seems to be made from rare materials brought to earth by seldom meteorite showers. :euro::euro::euro::shushing_face:


Honestly i don’t expect the controller or basestations to be delivered soon… Maybe in the mid of next year i guess…

So i bought that package, i think it can be sold on ebay or “kleinanzeigen” for a simalar amount.

Maybe if you sell the HMD first and the controllers and basestations later, it could be the way to go…


I fear that you are right… :cry:


I have have complete HTC Vive set with Deluxe headband to sell. PM Me if there is interest.