HTC Vive GearVR Lens Mod Affects pimax distortion?


so i just updated my OG vive, which is using the gear VR lens mod, and something dawned on me.

It seems like the distortion profiles for the vive lenses is stored in the lighthouses after factory calibration.

This seems unlikely but, since pimax also uses these lighthouses would the modded config.json have a negative affect on the pimax?

I’m hoping this is a stupid question.


It’s possible. I recall someone else possibly having an issue from it. But long ago. Try doing a search as I recall I think it came up just after headsets were released.

@sweviver may have some input as I recall he did do mod I think in one of his vids on Vive.


wouldn’t this be crazy, if it was the source of some peoples out of wack distortion.

I know i did the mod on mine before i got the pimax so.

I feel like this is unlikely though because wouldn’t that be a huge oversight on valves part?

I mean technically you would by the lighthouses with the vive. but im wondering why store the calibration info in the lighthouses at all. wouldn’t you store that in the HMD?


You would think it shouldn’t for sure. But up until now LHes were not shared between different headsets.

But with the LHes themselves being Passive. I think the LH json file mighr be used perhaps to modify/calibrate tracking info based on info maybe of the distortion profile in relation to certain tracking sensor placements?

However you’d think for future prooding if this is the case it should store LH json profiles seperately for each Headset & use appropiate json for each hmd.

But we did have the y2k so future proofing is not always well thought of. Lol


Hmm, let’s say your correct. How would i test this. I suppose i could mess the values up beyond belief, upload it , restart steamVR and then try to use the pimax.

But do I want to though?.. :crazy_face:

(EDIT) Looking closer at the json file the parameters i can see are

if this is a property of the lighthouse tracking, which can clearly affect distortion calculations , naturally it may affect pimax.

However would this not also affect the Index?

also if a light house breaks, you would buy a replacement. Maybe the calibration has more to do with how the vive interprets the lighthouse beams because each lighthouse can be slightly different from each other.

In which case maybe the pimax would actually read this unique characteristic of the light house to improve its own distortion

who knows


Its definitely not a stupid question :slight_smile: I have to admit I have forgot that I even made the Vive/GearVR lens mod, and yes the distortion profile was sent to the lighthouses indeed. Although, I cant say I see any negatives or any difference whatsoever in distortion on my setup, vs using an another basestation for my laptop. Also, turning off Lighthouse Tracking on Pimax, should immidiately show any difference, and obviously its not making any difference.

So no, the distortion profile tweaking during Vive/GearVR lens mod does not seem to affect Pimax distortion. I cant say Im 100% sure, but I guess I would have noticed this by now :slight_smile:


I can’t say either. But Sweviver has a good method of testing. Find a game that can use standing/room scale and Gamepad support.

But as the lighrhouses are passive. No info would be transfered to the actual lighthouse save for firmware updates.

Pimax & Index in theory should have there own modified LH json file. But with the index really would only have to have certain Tracking sensors in the same positions as the Vive. Not necessarily all of them.

Pimax having a different headset shape & sensor positions could affect things. But imagine with things like Motion cancellation. Pimax likely now uses it’s own fix/variation.

Would really need to locate the thread & ask the user whom said i think Doman helped him identify gear lens mod potential issue.