HumbleBundle VR Sale


So Humble Bundle have a small VR Sale going on until February 9th 19:00 CET Time.

Any games that you recommend to grab? Never grabbed any games during the Steam Holiday Sale myself so need to expand my VR-list.


It will depend on what controllers you use. I just picked up Eleven Table Tennis, not sure it will work well though.


Awsome maybe fruit ninja? :joy::joy::joy:

What type of games do you like?


Vrz torment & sairento(sp?) Look good but you need motion controllers.

Duck season might need controllers but if mem serves its homage to Duck hunt from tge Original Nintendo.


Yeah Eleven Table Tennis looks like an excellent game… that Leap control isnt good enough for. Maybe Nolo would work though.


Thanks for the heads up. I was waiting for Fallout 4 VR to go on sale. just saved $30 buck.
I can highly recommend Arizona Sunshine.


I enjoy most kind of games, I’m a alleater. Though usually not that much into sport games, but in VR they could be fun. Mostly buying games for the 8K in the future so motion controls are fine.

I actually need to buy Fruit Ninja, it is still one of the best games to quickly showcase VR to friends.

VRZ: Torment, Sairento VR, Arizona Sunshine, Fallout 4 VR and Eleven Table Tennis it is then. Ohhhh and of course I need to get Duck Season, Duck hunt was such a good time killer.


It is on the steam sale, not humble bundle, but if anyone has motion controls I highly recommend Dead Effect 2 VR. It’s excellent. Smooth locomotion, crouching, keyboard and joystick locomotion and multiple options make it highly playable on a basic control system. (like leap + bluetooth or psmove)