Hybrid Controllers/Locomotion Ideas



Since a coding solution seems something impossible at the moment with the latest steamvr updates, I am thinking maybe to look into an hardware modification of a vr controller 's gamepad or thumbstick to something that can be controlled with feet movements…if even possible

My knoledge is very limited, but i do not understand why a .dll file created by e360ce can’t be added in a steamvr game folder so that the games also use other form of input in conjunstion with a vr controller


Have to look better but if you load Steamvr. Summon Dashboard. Either the settings gear on dashboard summons options like Chaperone with laat one inputs? There on in tge Big Picture mode there the setting gear at the top; the page on the right has vr options.

It does say Xbox/Generic Controller has to be enabled to do mapping. But haven’t explored it yet. Does allow you to setup Chords. You can do global & per ap settings.


Thanks! I need to test this as soon as i get back home in USA this weekend. I am in vacation in Italy and my pc is not a vr ready PC :frowning:

I will bug you then again. Sorry!


Cool if I get sometime will look into these settings more as well. Hope your having a great vacation! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: