I am backer #1008. When do I get contacted?


When do I get contacted for deciding between 8k and 5k+? When do I get my device?!?


With that number most likely next two weeks


Wow, really fast. Not.


Hi all.
Sorry if it has been asked before.
I’m in 8xx and pledged for 8KX.
Do you know if I’ll recive a survey asking for my preference beetwen 5K+ and 8K?
Thanhs in advance.


#8XX. Easily in the next two weeks. I’d bet my left nut on it


I’d also bet @Davobkk’s left nut on it.


First answer : you’ll probably get the “8K or 5K ?” mail within 2 weeks
Second answer : you’ll probably get your devices within 6 weeks from now


Message the Service desk as matthew has stated many times with your inquiry please.


Yes if you opted for a loaner they will contact you as to which one you’d prefer while waiting on tge 8kx


Yes, that´s it, I opted for a loaner.
Thankyou very much for answer Heliosurge.


Your welcome. Glad to be of help. A couple of 8kx users have received their loaners. @cmm is one such user & I believe we have a couple of others.


So I have been contacted on November 27 with the 8k/5k+ question. I answered right away. I was told I would receive my shipping number soon. Still waiting. Maybe I shouldn’t have told them my forum ID (they asked in their message) with me complaining about them being slow and all. I am pitying people being in the 5.000s.

Also accessories were not available at all at that time. Would have loved to receive the extra long cable at the same time.