I am happy to see a guy on reddit prefer 5K+ to Odyssey+ not because of FOV, but clarity



it is almost perfect and gets rid of those issues using the VR COVER facepad and, to sweeten it up,
@Davobkk additional strap. Considering u needed a DAS for the OG Vive and also for Pimax to really enjoy it, those very much improving add ons come at a low price tag.


On this, we can agree.

I always see SDE on my 8K, because Elite Dangerous always has some text displayed (which is bright) and any bright areas have visible SDE. I can mostly ignore it, but it’s always there and it makes things look “less than real”.


Most were returned the same day due to terrible fitting. My Pimax fits like a glove.


I would really like to see Pimax 5k+ to have an anti SDE tech like in Odyssey +, or PSVR (the best implemented version)

On the other hand, SDE is hardly noticible if your crank up the SS in Pimax 5k+. Everything can get really so crisp as long as your PC is able to handle it. With a 1070 ti/3770K and Ryzen 2600/1080 so far, Pimax is the best…

Just have some kind of weird eyestrain though but my eyes can handle it so far.


I found it still very prominent, cranking up SS did not help much. (Comes with a big performance penalty) higher SS brought some more clarity though, which was nice.


I agree. On my 8K, I see the SDE constantly. Oddly, I see the SDE even in areas that are a little blurry (outside of the sweet-spot). I try to ignore it, as best I can.


I have the 5k+ and would say my biggest disappointment with the headset is the SDE is still very noticeable ?


You have had 3 replacements and need a 4th? Christ on a bike man! Seems to me you should save time and cash, and wait on another HMD out of the new crop from other companies that will inevitably come out.

I think Pimax would do well to lower the FOV of their device, and make optics optimized for the lower FOV.

I think it was mentioned that Pimax make their optics in house? This would be my suggestion.

Target a 120 degree FOV (the small fov,) and make some aspherical lenses that are meant for that FOV. That way, customers can truly choose what is right for them.

Some folks really like the wide FOV (although everyone seems to run games on normal fov.) Ok, fine.

For people that want to use the device on a normal PC, and actually see a serious quality boost, make lower FOV optimized optics, leverage a higher ppd.

As it stands right now, Pimax is walking a tightrope of compromises, and when combined with the QA issues, it seems it gets pretty bad.


I think if you look from the positive side and the feeling i get when owning one, is Pimax going to the limit of what is possible with the wide lenses and require very precise positioning, facecushion thickness and ipd.
The reason pimax was/is a hype is because of the wide fov, they choose to go to the limits. If they choosen the save route with small fov, it would soon be forgotten with all the other headsets in that range.
It took me two weeks to get the image clear and distortion free, and then all the render combinations wich are all different for different games(i think more so with the 8k with the upscaller then 5k+)
if you can manage to finetune you really have something! the hmd is awesome. It has really grown on me the past weeks.
It still is an headset for enthousiast and techies with all the variabels


Zero SDE is also a spec that pimax promoted greatly and now even with 4k oled screen Some sde will remain because of the so large FOV used. The next headset I buy should have no SDE and large FOV or I will wait.

So a smaller FOV on a next headset is not a so bad idea. I would choose a 150 FOV with no SDE over a 170 one with a SDE like the 8k.

It’s Unlikely that pimax will fully build a custom panel or get technology like Samsung diffusion filter so reducing FOV is about the only option they have for a almost no SDE headset even with a Full 4K RGB screens


Nope they never advertised with zero sde.
This is how pimax advertise from there website" Redefine the resolution - Dual Customized CLPL panels with 8K 23840x2160 and 5Kplus 22560*1440 , no more pain about Screen Door Effect and Ghost or “Smear”, over 16 million(8K) 7.5 million(5Kplus) sufficient pixels with more contrast and color brighten the every pixel of the screen"
The SDE on the 8k is very minimal, and great for watching movies also. Only in a game as ED screendooreffect is clearly visible in the letters but not a big deal as it’s very fine.
It’s fine if you have your preference what you would have liked, but you bought something else :slight_smile:


Zero will never be zero even in deep space but from the KS campaign :
“With 8K VR (3840x2160 per eye) you can dive into a world of clarity, while the graininess and “screen door” will never disturb you again, thanks to our awesome 2*3840x2160 resolution.”

Still waiting for the will not disturb you again. And I don’t bought something but back an idea wich not became fully reality… the odyssey + fullfill the not disturb me again specification so this is not a technical impossibly and reducing FOV is on way to do it…


I have the 8K and my second biggest disappointment is that the SDE is very visible.

My biggest disappointment is that the cable is defect and I see sparkles and black and white flashes. The replacement cable is supposed to be on the way and will hopefully fix the sparkles and flashes.


it’s unfortunate the high contrast text is unforgiving in regard to sde


to be not disturbed by it is very subjective and personal, what is fine by one is bad for someone else.
Point is no company can claim yet there is zero screendoor and Pimax never stated it. But you can be dissapointed, expecting more. I think it has more to do with the youtube testers not being bothered by it.
To be completly honest and not to bash the 5k+ i was dissapointed with the 5k+ sde and resolution, on the demo day. I didn’t expect it to be it like that also after the testers reviews.
I have 120% vision


I also vote for 120 deg fov and new lenses.
That will beat all existing headsets in pixeldensity and reduce sde.
I will the first in line to buy this.

  • oled panel for the colurs


If you don’t focus of the zero sde term, my point is that the next headset from pimax must at least satisfy completely most people (80%+) about the SDE so at least has good has the Samsung OD+ SDE. In this line of thinking only reducing the FOV of the Pimax next iteration seems a « affordable/ accessible » solution


yes i hope it will be the next step to illiminate it, good chance with the developments of lcdpanels. I wish i could compare my 8k with an O+ altough sde is no issue for me.


Reduce the fov to 120deg in 5kbe headset and you have a winner.
Only way to reduce sde is to increase pixel density.
What od+ has done is not the way to go.