I believe everyone should have received their survey email to choose 8K or 5K+ by now so


According to the Facebook group and myself having pledge #2500’s and 4500’s, I got both emails today for each headset.

Im guessing the reason is that Dallas Hao said they have been waiting and waiting on backers to answer the “survey” email so they could ship out their headset, so it was holding up later backers, they did’nt want to ship late backers before early backers. So this might be why everyone is getting their “survey” email now.

Just remember if you didnt get your email, be sure to check your Spam. One of my emails came to Inbox and the other came to Spam.


I assumed everyone was getting their surveys now so they’d know which panels & etc they need to order.


I heard nothing yet wtf.

Gonna check my spam now thanks!