I can’t use Rift S, and neither can you



Since we are talking about ipd, distortion and sweet spot this article is pretty interesting


I disagree with him - the way he speaks, it’s like only people with one single IPD value can use the thing. But the software IPD adjustment does more than just fix scale issues, because they also increased the size of the sweet spot on the lenses specifically because of IPD - it creates a larger area in which varying IPDs will get a perfect picture, once the picture is centered in front of the eye. It’s not perfect, it’s not as good as the old Rift IPD system, but it’s definitely better than “only people with average IPD can use Rift S”. And they did admit that it won’t support as wide a range of IPDs as the original device.

With the Rift S I’m more concerned about the fact that it’s actively worse than the existing Rift in a number of ways - the next generation Rift isn’t really next-generation! In fact, they made it worse on purpose so that they could maintain the minimum system of a GTX 950 even with the higher resolution.


No I agree with him.

Im a kickstarter backer and spent $100’s on rift games.

I bought GO and had to return it because it was too narrow I could only have 1 eye sharp at a time. I returned it.

What bothers me most is that they are killing the OG rift for this inferior thing. It kind of feels like getting kicked out of the club.
Pimax is literally the most advanced future looking headset till 2020. Rift S has failed this city. (Arrow reference)


But this isn’t a Go. For the Rift S they specifically made a much larger sweet spot to deal with the issue, which the Go doesn’t have (heck, Go’s actual screen is smaller as well, giving it a smaller field of view than the Rift S).


So i tried Rift S, bought it from amazon to try. I own the original rift. My IPD is just on the upper limit of what the RIftS can handle.

Because of this the sweet spot where I can get it focused in both eyes is pin point accurate like theres basically spot it has to be on my face to get a perfect image.

The secondary effect of the IPD which i never thought of is the FOV. When your eyes are more to the outer edge of the lenses, your FOV is reduced. In Real-o-Virtual I can only get 90 deg horizonal,

The Rift S may be going back.

Shame because I was looking for a backup replacement for my OG Rift, for when pimax doesnt work correctly with a game, or I just can’t be bothered to fiddle with the pimax.