I found the reason of EYESTRAIN with Pimax and the solution... (TL;DR: The vanishing point)



can you lock the L and R and adjust at the same time? I cant remember


whats text readability? a mod?


No, I just meant I used text readability in menus and on the terminals in-game as a means to adjust the offset… :+1:

I got better but still feels a bit off sadly. Pretty sure it’s not easily fixable due to it being a mod and the game requiring PP on.

I got rid of a lot of the weird (broken) “shadows” by disabling the option called “something reflections” though… :wink:


i have a issue with that if i use my pimax at about 68mm offset(thats what i have in reallife) on the headset physical adjustment i get less problem with the image but i cant read stuff in front of me like steam menys because my eyes areoutside of the sweet spot where my nose is, if i turn it down to 66mm i can read more easy because the sweetspot gets closer to my nose but i get more problem with the image, is there a setting to fix the image ?


The IPD offset is locked. The Vertical offset itsn’t.


Experiment with IPD offset.


Assetto Corsa - The problems were game and VR related, not anything specific to my 8K. There are a few in-game defaults which must be changed to run in VR. The good news is that AC is a fairly good game in VR and does NOT require Parallel Projection to be enabled (so it has improved performance). It’s on sale on Steam for a few more days.


Maybe I did this wrong… Last night I noticed that my virtual Index controller was above the real controller by peeking through the nose section of the PiMax. I adjusted the vertical offset until they were lined up which was about +2.5 in each eye. My eyes seem to adjust to whatever I throw at them so I tend not get to too much eye strain. I thought things looked better but maybe that was just a placebo.

My eyes are also asymmetric and I have the following measurements:
Dist PD L33.5, R32.0 65.5
NPD L31.4, R30.0 61.4
Should I set the lenses to 65.5 and adjust the software IPD down or set the lenses to 61.4 and adjust the software to 65.5? Would be nice to be able to adjust the left/right eye PD separately


The L/R distances are fairly similar. Mine slightly differ too. Try what I do: When I put on the headset, I intentionally shift it to one side (the side with the larger distance). I occasionally have to shift it during (seated) play, but generally, it stays put.

The headset IPD should be set to your measured IPD. I’m not sure about near vs far IPD.

Here’s what I did to tweak my IPD setting: I started with the measured value and slowly changed it, while only paying attention to my dominant eye’s vision. I also shifted the headset up and down slightly and tilted it slightly upwards, until I had optimized the view for my “good” eye. I then optimized the IPD for my other eye separately, so I determined the ideal setting for each eye. I reset for my good eye and moved towards the setting for the other eye (including headset position) so that I achieved a good balance between the 2.


Not hearing mass reports of this working from you guys. My 8K hasn’t been plugged in since May 21st so I am not inclined to put it back to try this out unless more folks suggest this actually works. That said, the lack of motion controllers is a bigger issue for me wanting to connect it again. I have been enjoying too many games that use touch controllers. It’s been great being able to play Fallout 4 VR for example. Either way, thanks OP for posting this.


Not sure that this is relevant but maybe set your dominant eye up first
( hold your thumb up at arms length and focus on it then line it up with an object about 2 mtrs away , close one eye and see which eye is actually lined up with your thumb and that eye is your dominant eye)
Also I set the pimax by standing about 3 meters away from my left controller and making sure that it looks the same in the headset and in real life both size and position ,


Yen, thank you for your findings. I decided to try your settings out and found it to be quite an improvement with clarity in depth of view with my Pimax 8K.

Both in SteamVR with the grid leading to mountains which are quite detailed now and also in Il2 where even in the hangar, I am noticing texture details on far walls and other things I hadn’t before. In air flying over towns and looking around it is an amazing improvement.

Again Thanks.


Did you use +2 as well blitze?

[Solved] 5k+ causing significant eye strain

Sorry about the delay, I missed your question.

The game is Assetto Corsa. It’s a great game, but only the racing is in VR. The UI is just regular graphics, sent to your flat monitor.

This presents a number of issues. The largest issue is that Steam doesn’t recognize it as a VR game. The driving segments are great fun, like the banked curves of Monza. The tracks are laser scans, so they are extremely accurate.

I like AS a lot more than Project Cars 2. It’s just plain “more fun”.


Am now. Seems to help with distance blur that has been the bane of Pimax.