I got my Pimax 5K+




i wana thanks to Pimax for this!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!

I wana send you my best wishes for the future!!! With this!!!

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Congrats! Pc down? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


No without base station its use less… and becouse i am a noob for VR i didnt know that i need one…

I dont want to walk with it i am just flying with simulator…


Turn lighthouse tracking off. Complete room setup by clicking through til you can manually enter your height.

With simulators & other seated experiences you can still use 3dof. Look left right & up & down.

If you really can’t do without 6dof & own psmove with ps3 cams or an xbox kinect. There is Driver4vr (small fee under $20) & KinectToVR (free)


many thx for the info


how can i disable the lighthouse tracikng?


This Guide still under construction will help

It’s on the 2nd tab on top in pitool


What order # are you?


P123063 was my order


Is HTC vive base good?


From what I hear there decent. But can for some take some trkubleshooting to get working right.

If you have a psmove with ps3 cam &/or xb kinnect there are some solutions to add 6dof that work well.


Don’t have…any console


It’s one base station enough?


There are a few using just one for sims. Just be sure if buying used if possible to see it working. As some had bought duds.

I know @neal_white_iii uses one for ED.


I using DCS from ED…


One is enough for seated games, using non-vr controllers. You would need 2 base stations for standing vr games.


Thank I just flying around