I had a party. I have 4 VR headsets. I let my brother chose which one to play with


…and he made his pick.

No hype.

Just some hate to the haters. Its like pouring salt on the wounds. Pushing some pins in the Voodoo doll. Feeding the trolls.

Let the games being! Popcorn time! :grin:

PS: The whole purpose of this post is to gather all trolling in one thread, so the rest of us can all continue our serious and mature discussions in the other threads of this Forum.


Hey, it’s me, your other brother.


Thats breaking NDA. Now punishment is to send to Netherlands and let it be inspected by Dutch forumuser George, who really is called Michael (but that name was already taken!!!) :rage:

You will get the headset back of course after careful and due diligence monitoring the effects of being in an awesome environment. At least 6 months… :stuck_out_tongue:


Inb4 ‘but if you would have the Vive Pro’
I also tried the Vive Pro at a recent event (half a week ago) and it’s not a real improvement…
I was also able to test the XTal and it was so bad…


Oh I tried the Vive Pro recently. I must say Odyssey is better overall, mainly because of the optics (lenses). Especially for sims. Pro is not a bad headset at all. The clarity and blacks on those OLEDs Pro and Odyssey uses are unbeatable for sure. But the Pro is just an Odyssey with worse lenses but better tracking. I’m still glad I chose the Odyssey before Pro was even out.


I had the same feeling … and im using the OG Vive (heavy one) without DAS … the difference just isn’t wort 800€ …
I even found the FOV smaller if you pressed the HMD onto the face …


The Pro FOV is (very slightly) smaller, that has already been confirmed/stated. It was something about the size of the panels while using the same lenses as Vive. But Im not the one claiming this, so I can personally not confirm this at all, and its probably a very tiny difference.


I’ve tried vive pro too and it was just fine, overpriced, but fine. Expecting pimax to be rather good than just fine :smiley:


I’m like, really good at M$paint 'n stuff.


lol, they’re all walking around the whitehouse in vr


I don’t see how this is breaking the NDA .

We know he is a tester and just displays the device being worn by someone.

And sharing the experience amongst friends and families could also easily be argued is just good for testing ergonomics amongst several people.


awesome setup :slight_smile: unfortunate though, that the trollers won’t stay in the lane (pun intended) that you designate to them…


fucking only htc could improve a headset by reducing its fov.


I seriously can’t help but thinking HTC will be closed up and out of business by years end.

The pro has fallen flat in both features and price. And people curious about VR now either go oculus or WMR.
Or more importantly can sense there will be a proper second gen sets coming next year and are willing to wait.


I mean there is a reason why we early vive buyers cut our OG facefoamsin half … It gave us 10% more FOV … maybe that’s why I found the FOV of the Pro that bad …
Im also no fan of the pleather 6mm foams… still using my cut OG foam since the end of Mai 2016 :smile:


i was day 1 and didnt circumcise my foam. XD i tie headset on tight enough to cut off blood to head though. XD


I was so hyped for the Vive Pro… so bummed when I saw what it was and how much they asked for it.

I was too cautious to pull the trigger for a pledge in time but I’m very grateful to a particular user here to now be lucky enough to call myself a backer. Sure, I’m hyped but I’m not ignorant, I know the risks. I appreciate every tidbit of info I can get on the 8k, and I’m really enjoying this community (been lurking for a while), I’m happy to be a part of it with y’all!


Welcome to our (sometimes … Most of the times heated) community :slight_smile:


A large reason why I pledged is because I have the OG Vive boxed up here with controllers and lighthouses so hoping to get some use out of them.
Granted the controllers are a bit clunky after having the touch controllers.

Just ended up using the rift instead.


You should not of posted this pic with the glasses in, some will now say that the 8K lenses are no good and you need to correct them by wearing +10 optics :stuck_out_tongue:

How long did it take you to get him out of the sim :slight_smile: