I had a party. I have 4 VR headsets. I let my brother chose which one to play with


To curtail rumor snowballing; The only person I have, for my part, seen stating the above, is myself, and that has been pure speculation (because there is no way in hell I’m paying the “pro” tax – especially given I’ve been walking around ever since the original Vive launched, arguing that pretty much exactly what the Pro turned out to be (EDIT: minus the absolutely mandatory lens upgrade), should be the first of yearly refreshes to the base model. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that they used the same lenses is beyond any reasonable person…
They are just bad …
But again if you bring your eyes closer to them the sweets pot gets bigger and the fov gets bigger…
That was really a big upgrade for me …


Did your brother sign the NDA? :slight_smile:

On a side note… I appreciate all the time you’re taking off on your channel to work with the 8K… but I really was hoping to receive more input from you on using VIVE controllers on the Samsung. Oh well…


Does your brother still have a kidney


So no one is going to comment on his socks?!?


Oh using the same lenses make perfect sense.

They are saving oodles of money not having to tweak and redesign warping and new chroma tweaks etc etc.
Instead they just plop the new panels and be done with it.

Turns out they where wrong.
Just upping resolution was not enough.

But HTC is in panic mode.
And they almost have been trying to claw their way back off the cliff since Samsung made the galaxy s3.


So the Pro with gearvr lens mod should take a lead from Odyssey ?


Now i see… the glasses on the desk dont fit in the pimax 8K.
So you need to take them off…


Yes, most likely. So far there is nothing like these GearVR lenses in terms of clarity and god rays :slight_smile:


I have this lens mod in my orginal vive . We need this kind of lenses in pimax, a bit shame they stick with custom frensels.


There are trade-offs between conventional and Fresnel lenses. Fresnel lenses offer some real advantages (as well as the much complained about disadvantages).

Let’s see how good the lenses are, before we start complaining. Pimax made numerous expensive revisions to the lenses, so they should be pretty good (even if they are Fresnel).


The wide FOV would never be possible with GearVR lenses or some similar kind… Fresnel lenses are not optimal, but they can be optimized quite well. Look at the Odyssey lenses for example, as well as Oculus Go.


I just noticed this this morning, but your brother isn’t wearing his seatbelt…
Why is your brother in an unsafe vehicle? :unamused:


That’s awesome! Hey SweViver, in your opinion when do you think the final headsets will start shipping to backers? I figure its at least a few months away since they didn’t give us a date with the last update.


NO FEW MONTHS AWAY. I expect @xunshu to start send them by the end of this month. No more delays!


We are awaiting new updates and improvements upon our continous requests and reports, and as soon as we feel confident we we will give green light. I dont want to rush this. Its a one time opportunity to make it right. You will be thankful for all the progress. Sometimes its worth to wait that little extra. And looots of progress has been made the last 4 weeks :slight_smile:


I’m glad to hear that progress is good. :+1:

I don’t mind the wait, as long as the final product is so good that the wait was worthwhile. Also, for the best experience, we’ll likely need an 1180 or 1180Ti and that’s also delayed, so the Pimax wait doesn’t matter that much to me.


1180 FTW!

[quote]PCgamer: When is the GTX 1180 release date?

Previous rumors have pegged the GTX 1180 release date for late July, but current indications are that it might not happen until mid-to-late August. Nvidia was initially on the Hot Chips agenda to discuss its next-generation architecture on August 20 but has since been scrubbed from the schedule. Don’t be surprised if the removal was in name only, however, and that Nvidia shows up at Hot Chips for a presentation as initially planned.[/quote]


I did the gear lens on my OG vives and the V3 works a treat , but on the vive pro the gear lens give me eye strain no matter which .json file I use , i keep looking at those adjustments in the .json files and it looks way too confusing to know what to change/try so have replaced my Fresnel lens , will sell the vive pro when these ship


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