I had a party. I have 4 VR headsets. I let my brother chose which one to play with


DK1 was bigger than DK2 which was bigger than CV1.


I hope I’m not just waiting around for software improvements.


How can we be in the Mass Production stage if testers have not given the green light?


One of the vive’s MAIN advantages and the thing that made me glad i chose it over the oculus was the FOV, and now they REDUCED it??? Absolute idiots…


Just use a thinner face cushion with the vive pro , I cut a 6mm og vive one in half , it leaves a small air gap above eyebrows (good thing ) and restores 110 fov


Uh, no they didn’t reduce it?


With all those recent news I cannot stress more my gratitude for the testers’ work. Troubleshooting is the least fun and having this done for us will save us all from a lot of frustration.

Can’t imagine how disappointed all of you testers must’ve been initially. First this joy to be a tester and to get to experience it before anyone else. And then this realization, that it’s deeply flawed.

So, thanks for tackling those complicated issues and for your patience. You deserve our respect and support.


Agree, and to the Pimax team, they must have been very disappointed to learn that the 8K was not ready…


This is very disappointing and now apparently clear to me ,i started off very patient and now the more i enjoy my vive the more i loose my ability to be patient .
And now i get it! there is nothing wrong with the M1 they just dont want to stop playing with it !!

I can hear it now
report 1 screen to bright …fixed brightness issue
report 2 contrast to low … fixed
report 3 screen now too dark and the circle continues

when will you testers just let us have our pimaxs



You have just described regression, a big problem in development. That is not the fault of the testers. Improving one area at the expense of another is inefficient.


What’s so hard with “when it’s done?”


yep, they have been going to bat for us behind the scenes, calling out issues to be fixed , and pimax has been working diligently to address them. This explains much of mixed realities leaking anger in his initial video about being a tester hahahha.


He have his glasses on the table. So, it is true that it is impossible to use Pimax in glasses? This is sad.


My brother doesn’t use his glasses with his Rift either. He says its sharp without :slight_smile:


Rift is not very comfortable to wear with glasses, but I still use it with them all the time. For me it is not sharp at all without my glasses.


You realize people have different vision right…? Some are near sighted, some far, some have weaker or stronger vision…you can’t compare


I didn’t understand the need for glasses with my limited time using a Vive until I read this http://doc-ok.org/?p=1360

If there was a diopter adjustment (like my Nikon DSLR) then this would be a worry, but I imagine if it was that easy to add then companies would have already done this.


I have glasses too. With astigmatism. Dont know if thats the right word for it. But not just plain minus or plus values, also. My astigmatism is bigger than my normal sightvalue.which is:

right eye value: -0.75 ; astigmatism: -2.25 at 90 degrees
left eye value: -1.00 ; astigmatism: -2.00 at 80 degrees

IPD unknown, but I understand that to know your IPD is of great importance. Will check that soon.


Exactly that makes it hard to trust in any VR hype.


Regarding glasses, don’t forget that there will be insert frames to put your custom glasses in (yeah it will be an extra cost but should be alright). I do believe that this is preferable to the alternative of having to accommodate more space to account for glasses. That would change the ergonomics and fov and everything.

And yeah why is the guy wearing two different socks :smiley: ?