I have not recieved the reimbursement for delivery cost of the defective headset yet



I received 5kplus replacement on March 20.
Then March 30, I received the email from @sean Huang that promises a refund for thedefective headset delivery cost and I received the email asking to share my paypal account April 3, but unfortunately I didn’t notice it, so my reply was delayed for a week.
After that, there was no reply from pimax and I have not received a refund yet.
When can I receive a refund?
My supen:SUPEN-1659
Thank you.


the service desk is currently down ,
give me your order number pls.


Thank you for your reply.
My backer number:2088
thank you.


Huang is busy very day, he may missed it, sorry.
now he is checking it again,
you will get it very soon.


same here. waiting for weeks now for an answer.

backer 646, supen 1651.


A week has passed since your reply but I have not received the reinversment yet.
How is this issue proceeding?


this is really getting on my nerves… wtf is going on? FRAUD?!

and they have the balls to send a “support infrastructure update” newsletter over kickstarter, talking about a live chat and 24h support response times… none of it is true or real.

this is really the worst joke of a company I ever witnessed, really! :rofl:


Hi pimax support
I recognize your very busy schedule, but I have been waiting for your response on this isuue for over a month.
I have been tired of waiting lol.
Thank you for your prompt response.