I have requested a refund and Pimax support has stopped replying to my emails



I’m a preorder and received mine last week. I’m not happy with the product for many reasons and wish to return it for a refund. Since asking for this Pimax has stopped responding to my emails.

Is this how you treat customers as soon as they want a refund?

I have no technical issues. I’m just not happy with the results and wish to get a refund. Please advise of your process for a preorder purchase to be refunded.

@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen


You can sell your headset on eBay. Pimax is not the right partner to deal with.


I’m not looking to sell it on eBay. I purchased it from Pimax so I want to return it to Pimax.


Yes, I can understand you. However, any communication with Pimax is almost an one-sided monologue. The company, possibly, has strong enginers, but otherwise, IMO, combines the worst ways of doing business.