I have requested a refund and Pimax support has stopped replying to my emails



I’m a preorder and received mine last week. I’m not happy with the product for many reasons and wish to return it for a refund. Since asking for this Pimax has stopped responding to my emails.

Is this how you treat customers as soon as they want a refund?

I have no technical issues. I’m just not happy with the results and wish to get a refund. Please advise of your process for a preorder purchase to be refunded.

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You can sell your headset on eBay. Pimax is not the right partner to deal with.


I’m not looking to sell it on eBay. I purchased it from Pimax so I want to return it to Pimax.


Yes, I can understand you. However, any communication with Pimax is almost an one-sided monologue. The company, possibly, has strong enginers, but otherwise, IMO, combines the worst ways of doing business.


I would definately ebay it. Given the wait times for recieving one of these things i bet you could sell it for more than you paid for it


Not to state the obvious, but if you buy the ‘cutting edge’, which Pimax clearly is, it is because there is risk and reward at stake. Your IQ should be high enough to calculate your gamble. Since we know the reward exceeds the risk with the Pimax through cumulative data, the reality that you wish to return yours for a refund indicates your IQ is too low to capture the benefit of the reward from your gamble. I applaud Pimax for ignoring you and they show a business acumen I continue to respect in this company.

My advice, connect with other Pimax users and figure out where you went so wrong or sell on ebay and save yourself the humiliation of crying about your incompetency. I don’t mean to be so rude, however, reality and truth is sometimes rude.


Lmao you’re an idiot. I already sold it. Lol Enjoy your pimax fanboy :joy::joy::joy::joy:


this is not a kick starter anymore, legal action will ensue if this pattern continue. it is called a scam.


P1410 here I received a message from Dallas 10 days ago that he applied my refund to my paypal account i would get my money back within 5-7 days I messaged him again 4 days ago where is my refund then he replys to me that I have to wait for the financial department to approve the refund pimax has had the headset since April first he clearly lied to me about applying the refund to my paypal account what type of company is this I have been jumping through hoops with this company for almost a month I have never sent so many emails to so many people in a company in my life I just want back what is mine I have left two more messages to Dallas 2 days ago but no response I just want to be done with this company this has been the worst experience in my life with a company I have owned an oculus dk2,oculus cv1,htc vive and a Samsung odyssey so I am no stranger to vr and the other companies pimax is by far the worst I had to deal with.

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Closing topic as OP has sold his device so no longer is after a refund