I have to give pimax kudos



I’m here to let everybody know that pimax USA did an excellent job on replacing my 5K Plus. I didn’t check for cracks after I’ve had it for a while, but when the Topic came up to check for cracks I did and I found one. Couple of days later I sent a Supen ticket about the problem. About two weeks later I was contacted by pimax and they elevated it up two times and then I was contacted by @PimaxUSA. They immediately told me they would send me a replacement. I was very surprised and here it is about a week later and I have the new one. Great job!!! Now I’m just waiting on the return tag which by the way originally came last week. I told UPS I hadn’t received it yet and I told pimax to send it after I receive the headset. So I’m just waiting.
You people @PimaxUSA did a great job and I just want to thank you for the excellent support.


In all a 3 week turn around… can’t say that’s a great Job tbh.

Getting a hold of someone and getting an authorization for a return/replacement should not take more than a couple days then like 5 to 7 work days for the replacement to arrive.

Seems to me people dealing with pimax have gotten used to such shiffty service they think this is good service?

Hell for the price these units cost there should be a number you can call to get a return/replacement authorization dealt with with one phone call rather than take a couple days to do it over email/suspen.


Yeah Cal I understand your point of view on that but I’m looking at it from the point of view of how long it took to get a lot of other stuff done and that’s a lot better than they’ve done in the past so they are getting better so as I said kudos to them