I haven't received my accessories



Ok. I got my headset, but have not received the controller and base stations.

I need these items ASAP.

Backer 820


Light housing should start to ship from pimax day update in 3 to 4 weeks.

Controllers delayed til next year. We should know more 3rd week of Oct.


Me neither!
Must be a some kind of mix-up in the postoffice. Damn those unreliable delivery guys!


Well is more like 2-3 weeks now because that was said on the 25th. In regards to the controllers, you can upgrade to the Index controllers if you pay the difference.


Okay. Maybe I need to clarify myself a little more, because I have been away from the pimax forum for awhile.

Okay, … While I was away, I got an email (about 3 months ago) from pimax telling me that I was on a long list of people that hadn’t replied to an email to confirm their mailing information for pimax to send the accessories (controllers and base stations) because the accessories were sent to all backers.

I initially ordered the 8k complete package, but decided to change to the 5k complete package headset. The email stated that all backers had received their items except for the backers that were on that list, as I was.

I have since replied to the email, but have heard nothing. So I am lost as to what to do now.

Please advise on how I can get my remaining items, since all I’ve got so far is the 5k headset.

Thank you,
Backer 820


The controllers are delayed to March 2020, but you can upgrade to the Index controllers if you pay the difference. You’ll get them muuucch sooner if you do that. The base stations ship in 2-3 weeks. Contact Pimax if you need to clear up anything with shipping. However, they’re out of office from the 1st to the 8th of October for a Chinese holiday.


Some slides of the options if you don’t want to wait. We’re still waiting for specifics on the discounts.


And if you have time / inclination to watch the whole livestream, it’s here: https://youtu.be/yup1PTH_1v0


You guys are awesome.

Thanks for posting!


Great info… thank you much…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I’ve been offline for about a year, so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks everyone for the info.


No worries. Collectively we can navigate the Pimax product and PR minefield :sweat_smile:


Yeah I remember hearing on that kind of email. They only meant the headsets. Unfortunately no other items have been sent as has not been ready for release.


Your welcome. Being away til delivery can definitely keep one’s mind more at peace. Than being here yearning for it keeping it fresh in mind. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yeah… I guess that would be like watching grass grow. :weary:


Nah it grows faster. :beers::innocent::+1::sparkles:


I am probably going to take the deal to switch to index controllers . The Pimax controllers could easily get pushed back past March next year based on past deadlines not being met . If the Pimax controllers turn out to be better then I will sell the index controllers and upgrade .


I made a whole human from scratch in the mean time



But that’s kinda cheating, you didn’t design it but modified existing designs :crazy_face:


And you are implying Pimax isn’t doing that?


Well, I’m just kidding. Pimax are designing their own stuff no question, but inevitably they will look at the DAS as a reference when creating the MAS and so on. Nothing unusual there of course, most manufacturers will have competitor designs close to hand as a reference. Phones, cars, VR headsets, whatever