I need my Pimax at July 21..please


As an inveterate fan of Star Trek and especially the Next Generation (Galaxy D :heart_eyes:), I would
love to be able to play this game in VR …



What do you tell me @xunshu? :grin:


NO!!! Ignore that deranged person! We need it for 31st May…


Also TNG fan, and loved ST:BC too! This has been fantastic news, although tainted by being PSVR exclusive for 2 months… if that is what it takes to bring more content for one of the best in concept but content limited VR games available… then ok… I’ll live with that!


I need it by December 2017 for fallout 4 vr :slight_smile:


Thought you sold your backership?


We need it for metro exodus


I want it at 26th of June - my birthday !

I hope this Topic is for fun if not than please shut it down :slight_smile:


It´s for fun but is also true that i would like to play this new DLC in VR.


Will the Enterprise-D bridge use the LCARS interface?
All of the bridge positions on the Enterprise-D have been implemented with the iconic LCARS interface from the TNG series (including appropriate audio).

How authentic is the implementation of the Enterprise-D?
Does it include appropriate colors and audio for phaser and torpedo fire?

The development team at Red Storm has painstakingly recreated the 1701-D with the assistance of CBS to make it as authentic as possible. This has included recreating the bridge from blueprints and digital assets, use of authentic audio and of course the adaptation of the appropriate effects. All of this has been verified and approved by CBS and they have
been a tremendous partner in bringing to life this experience.


Looks at screenshot. Sees they based ent d on the small studio models instead of 6 ft model. God has left this place.

Just to be sure, wanted to make people who were interested in this aware of r/stage9 who are building the enterprise D in full as an interactive virtual tour.


I understand that you are very excited, but it’s literally better to wait until they are finally done instead of rushing