I ordered two pimax 5k package, but only one delivered - that can happen. But pimax ignores my support request about two months



order # P124763
I’ve ordered two 5k+ VR headset.

But actually, just one headset was delivered.

–> So I’ve created support request as above, at 5/22/2019.

And Dallas.Hao sent me response like below at 5/23/2019.

Dallas Hao commented:

The record shows that we shipped 2 headset in one package. When did you received your package?


So I replied at 5/27/2019, with unboxing video.

(You can see unboxing video here)

As you can see, there is only one 5K+ VR headset in the box.

Package was delivered to freight forwarder at the oregon state at 21/05/2019.
Freight forwarder said to me that ‘there seems only one VR headset in the box’ , so I’ve made the order issue.
But you replied me that ‘No we’ve sent two package’ so I’ve ordered freight forwarder to send me the package anyway.
And the package was sent to South Korea, and I’ve received it today.

And I’ve made this video.

There is only one VR headset in the box.

So what should I do?


But until now (it’s 07/02/2019 today), no other response arrived.

I’ve created another support ticket 2-3 weeks after, but also no reply.

I’ve paid $1488, but received only one 5k+ package, and no response for about two months.

Is this normal behavior? Or just they’re ignoring my question?
I need a decent answer.
I’m very disappointed…


@SweViver Ill tag your post so Martin can reply, You Go Martin :beers::wink: