I received a 8K headset, but I didn’t receive any additional accessories. (Cloth strap*1, Face cushion*1 )



A couple of days ago I received my 8K, great thanks for the delivery in perfect order!

Unfortunately, I did not find in the parcel additional “Cloth strap * 1 and Face cushion * 1”, which I additionally paid for the Kickstarter.
I have a question: how can I get them? I would be satisfied with receiving at least with base stations and controllers when they are ready.

What should I do so that you don’t forget to send them to me again? (maybe Supen?)

Box Photos


Yes, and by the way, I made a request through Kickstarter to change the trackpads on the thumbstick in the controllers last year, I was told that everything is in order, I will receive controllers with a thumbstick. Please note this too. I want exactly the thumbstick on both controllers, it is more convenient.

@Heliosurge, @Dallas.Hao, @Doman.Chen


A picture of the inside of your Pimax 8K box would help a lot. Could you lay out everything that comes in the box?


Yes, thanks, added photos!
I also have a full video unpacking, upon request I will send it to Pimax.


Tbh No one has received any of the basic extra items that I know of. I think I might have requested an extra Cloth strap as well. Due to at the time the Deluxe strap was believed to be possibly replacing cloth mount. But was long ago.


OK, then I hope that my additional items (Cloth strap1, Face cushion1 ) will be sent along with the controllers and stations :roll_eyes: