I see slight delay in motion when I turn my head very quickly (5k+)



Yes always 90hz, also tested large/normal/small, PP on/off, smoothsth on/off, quality 0.5 etc. 9700k/1080ti. The latency is always present, even in pimax’s “home” planet world, with SteamVR closed. The rotational head tracking firmware appears to overshoot. This contributes to my theory that they are using a smoothing buffer for the samples that is too large by far.


What bugs me is how not more people are reporting this issue here on forum.
We pretty much all had or still have an OG Vive/Cv1/Odyssey or other headset and it is very
obvious imo.


I had/have pretty much given up on pimax fixing it. It’s been months. Why should it take so long if theyre really intent on fixing it?


Wonder why Seb only noticed it on the 8k with it being so slight in comparison.


that’s what i was thinking too.
Do you notice the same with your headset ?


Tbh would need to check. Like Voodoodx stick mainly to the 8k as my goto headset & never had the issue of latency bother me.

Plus no lghthouses to test this as identified.


If it’s just a 5k related issue a fix might come sooner than expected, i tried an 8k about 2 weeks ago but didn’t really look for it as SDE pattern did pull me off very quickly.
It does happen without lighthouses too in my case.
Thanks for answer Helio :call_me_hand:t4:


I have the same issue with 8K.


Good to know thank you :slight_smile:
I will tell Doman.
Did you open a ticket ?


No. I just put the thing back in the box. Never opened again.


Yeah you jave several complaints. Myself with the 8k never noticed delay with rapid head movements on either as I had tried to see what Seb had said on 8k & 5k+. But doesn’t mean it’s not there. Tap test revealed there is a latency on 8k; but if you need a special test for majority to notice not really an issue as even Karrtoon said more or less.

Will try based on new vid. But 5k+ Rotation lag was reported long ago & though remote session fixed it for some that reported it


it not just side rotation delay, even when moving slow i can clearly see the Vr world kinda moving up or down, i would say that it is actually more than side rotation.
I had a remote session but nothing more than checks where done on my setup.


I think you should report it, it would help us prove that it’s very present issue .


Maybe its hardware defect?
I remember my first 5k has motion delay once in a while. That unit eventually die (blank screen) after a firmware upgrade. After I receive my replacement unit I never experience the motion delay any more (or at least I didn’t felt it anymore).


Maybe is process priority in the PC ?

I don´t have the delay (both 8k and 5k+) but i have switched pitool and pitooservice to my last core and set the priority to realtime (and obviously set it to be persistent to reboots and updates).


Would you be able to tell us how to do this? Thanks!


Just download and install Prio = https://www.prnwatch.com/prio/ , then reboot

After that, select Pitool.exe and in “affinity” select your last core (or the 2 last cores). Then, go into Priority and select the highest priority you think you PC can handle.

After that, check if the “save settings after startup” (or something like that) is selected.

Do the same to PiLaunchService.exe.

If you have a beefy multicore (like a 8700k or a 9900k) set the priority and affinity of VRCompositor and VRServer of SteamVR, it will help as well.


Thank you! 2020202020


One question - how do I know how much my PC can handle? Is it trial an error?


Generally speaking it depends of your CPU.

Modern CPUs are a monster and 70% of the games and applications don´t use all the resources from their last cores, so we place these there to make it more evenly distributed.