I sell Pimax 8k or KS (Very good price)



I sell Pimax 8k for 400€ , the box is open to check that the state is correct and everything works perfectly.

I received them a month ago so there’s an 11-month warranty, also this the option to buy the Full Kickstarter for 650 €.

The shipment will be charged to the buyer



I’ll buy it for 400€ right now. How can we proceed?

What does the 650€ version include that’s different? I might get that instead depending on what you’re including


Hello Satan, the 650€ version is the Pimax Kickstarter, included:

  • HMD Pimax 8k
  • 2 LH 2.0
  • 2 controllers
  • Eye tracking module.

It would be sent as it was delivering Pimax…

I have a private message from another partner, if we don’t come to an agreement are yours, Satan.


Hi did you check the time stamp? I responded within an hour of you posting. Maybe I responded before your partner if you could double check. Thanks! I’ll take the Kickstarter package if available

Does this come with handtracking? What type is the screen? OLED or CLPL?


I’m sorry Satan, sold to a person in my country from a previous ad.


I checked all your threads. You didn’t have a previous ad


Tristan is a part of Spanish community of VR folks & he was one of the m1 testers.

A user here may have Private Messaged him as well here.


Satan, I was not referring to a pre-advertisement in this forum, but to a pre-advertisement that he had placed on a website for sale in Spain.

I’m really sorry.

However, there is another Kickstarter colleague who also wants to sell them, I will tell him to write you to see if you reach an agreement.


I never got the message


Take a good look at your messages, a colleague did get in touch with you.


Unless you’re talking about the bot, I don’t think so