I spent my Pimax money :|


The Pimax cash sat bursting in my piggy bank, the torment was unbearable. Then the RTX2080 Ti came along and tried to persuade me to flip that pig and shake the goodness out but I held fast, strong. Daily I have said to myself “today is the day” when Pimax announce the pre-order and price list but alas…nothing.

I could hold on no longer. The world is filling up with tech goodies and in a moment of madness I bought an LG-B8 instead.

So Pimax, you have my approval to keep working on the HMD’s for another few months cough. Take your time so I can refill my Pimax Piggy Bank again. K Thx.


You could have gotten two monitors from pimax instead of one.


My new B8 TV is ok. OLED is overrated by many I think. In the store you see a difference but at home it’s a minor upgrade to my last 4K LCD TV. Blacks are black yes but I was expecting a night and day pop difference.

Trying to get Alexa to interface to it took about 2 hours! what an over complicated process (2 x LG accounts + 1 amazon account) to get them talking! it’s fun to turn the volume up and down, turn the TV off with my voice but the Alexa skill won’t turn the TV back on as the TV is not responding lol. mehhhh,

So, when you can compare side by side yes, you see a contrast difference but when you sit and watch a film, get absorbed in it then its only marginally more effective than the previous LCD I had. OLED panning shots are bloody awful mind. Need to mess with that.

The moral here is that I will personally not notice the LCD display difference on the Pimax to OLED HMD’s. As long as I can tweak basic panel controls on it through PiTool.

Oh, and the best difference on the new TV is the size, it is much bigger than my last set and that does make a very nice difference so will keep it.


I sold my pledge and bought a JVC X7900 4K Projector. Couldn’t be happier

Will buy the 5K as soon as its available :slight_smile:


Very nice. I have an AE4000 which could do with an upgrade. Always liked the JVC DILA range but outside my budget. I check AVForums every week to see whats on offer so may get an older model.


The AE series were great projectors. Can’t believe they stopped making them. The only thing better with DILA is the black floor. It’s a small advantage but you need a bat cave setup for any advantage. The new N series looks incredible but its way too expensive


Aye, I go as far as having blinds with extra black out curtains but do not bother with anti-reflective paint or velvet wall panels etc. If only I was a millionaire, then I could go nuts and get a 4K SIM2 :smiley:

One day…one day.


I just upgraded my Sony XBR75X850D (LCD) to the new Samsung Q8FN, which is QLED and man, I did find it to be a HUGE difference. I was already impressed in the store, like you said, but it’s really the same thing at home, awesome quality on netflix, black really black (pretty much like OLED) and the colours are just so beautiful. I never really liked the Sony (hence I replaced it rather quickly), but that Q8FN with its QLED is really good. From what I understood QLED isn’t even OLED, but an optimized LCD version, but damn, I’m impressed


Not looked at the Q8 but I did love the Q9FN, which I think is the 2018 model. You will get superior brightness with that. I did umm and arrr over the extra £500 myself :slight_smile: but as the LG-B8 is for a bedroom, I decided that the dimmer OLED would not upset my partner (falls asleep really early) compared to having a light cannon in the bedroom lol.

Good choice anyway.


The Q8 also is from this year (the 82" I got was just released about a month ago). The Q9 supposedly indeed even has slightly darker black levels but I think it didnt come in 82" and supposedly the difference wasn’t that big (haven’t seen the Q9 myself). Never thought that an LCD based TV could be so good colour wise, but Samsung got it really right with QLED.


82" !!! lol. Soon projectors will be depreciated if TV’s keep getting bigger. 82" is entering projector territory.

I bet gaming on it is nice. Nothing better than standing up near the screen and seeing the game character is the same size as you lol


Pimax pimpin’ ain’ easy!


Come again? haha…