I want to cancel my Pre Order


Hello @Dallas.Hao

I already sent an E-Mail to Support with my request for a cancellation of the Pimax 5k Plus.

I also tried to message you directly but it didn’t work.
It would be very nice of you of if you could help me with my cancellation.

Waiting for feedback and best Regards,

Denis Drayer-Varga


I have increased your user level by one. You should be able to send private message now. Please give Dallas in your pm order number.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


For confirm your request:

You want to cancel your order P122926 right? I will arrange this for you if you want to cancel


Hi @Dallas.Hao,

sorry to hijack but maybe you can Help me to please:

I want to cancle also my “5k BE” ORDER P122993.
Due I buyed now a 5k from ebay
My Order is from 09. Jan 2019

Also there was a Problem while ordering, Website shown me a Error after inserting my Credit Card and told me to try again. I did. Well. I received your Order "got it"Mail but my Card was charges two times then. 999dollar was debited and a Second 999dollar was “reserved”. Can you please fix that also? :slight_smile:
Many thanks!


The Pre-order P122993 has cancelled.Your refund will back to you in 5-7 days.
Thank you and Have a good day!


Hi @Dallas.Hao ,

Sorry about this also, been trying to get a hold of you or a member of pimax, can you also please help me.

I would like to cancel my 5K BE , ORDER P122885

Going to get the 5k+ instead and use a different credit once my new one arrives. I tried to message you, not sure if it went through or not.


Have you contact preorder@pimaxvr.com ?
Can you tell me the reason of the cancellation?We may can help with this


I believe so, i tried 2 different emails.

My reason is because, 1), I decided on the 5k + instead of the BE, as i just can’t deal with SDE.
And 2), I need to change payment methods / cards for personal reasons, and the card i plan to use i wont have until 2 weeks time. Its quite important.

So if you could possibly cancel my order for me, that would be hugely appreciated thank you @Dallas.Hao


@Dallas.Hao @Heliosurge

I’m getting very confused now, can you please sort this out.
I got a reply from preorder@pimaxvr.com saying and i quote

" We are still in preorder period and sending kickstarter orders now. We will start to ship in 21 days as we announced in official website
Thank you and Have a good day!
Many thanks for your support!
Yours sincerely,
Preorder | PimaxVR"

This is not what i asked, i asked them on email to cancel my order, why am i getting dates back? can someone please help.


It sounds like you have received a static reply or maybe this might have been an automated message sent to all pre-orders as a notification update.

I am sure they will get this processed soon for you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Pleasw be patient.

@Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang



I will handle this and solve this issue in 2 days

Please contact me via private message.Put your self information in public is not a good idea for your secret